Drugstore Finds: L'Oreal


Good Evening Beauties :)
I know most of us are just blossoming with our careers or are still in school, etc. So expensive and high end makeup can be really difficult to afford, especially in large quantities. I  have to say I'm definitely the splurge-er when it comes to high end makeup (hello MAC and Chanel addictions!) but I do love a good drugstore find because that means more mulah for me! (mulah=money!) So far I've found some great drugstore foundation (revlon photoready) thats a few bucks cheaper than the higher end stuff. I also love to use a drugstore eyeliner (that's a review to come ladies). These products keep our wallets happy while keeping us happy at the same time-it's a win-win!! :)
The other day I was shopping at Shoppers (pharmaprix for you Quebecois here) and came across a L'Oreal eyeshadow sale! These little shadows went from like 8$cad to 2$!! SUCH a steal! So I bought the three that I saw which I liked most:
1. Copper Penny 410
2. Golden Olive 325
3. Glistening Sea 310

From left to right: Copper Penny, Golden Olive, Glistening Sea.
Same order for the swatches.

So as for a review of these babies. They are all smooth and glittery but not overly so. They have the right amount of shimmer without being too obvious. Their textures all vary but none of the colours are chalky, they all have decent consistency and go on smoothly. Golden Olive is by far my favourite, just one swatch/streak and its sooo soo pigmented! I also love Copper Penny, it's a lighter colour than Golden Olive so you need a couple more swipes to get it super dark. For me it's more of an all over natural shimmery copper (hence the name) and its shimmery so its definitely a good nude and a good every day colour. Glistening sea is a pretty but VERY light blue. I need a good few swatches to get this colour to go darker. I have to say, its a great base for any look and would work great as an all over the lid colour albeit the lightness of it. This is a colour that would work wonderfully on fair skin tones without being too overwhelming. I'm going to try and do a "Mermaid" type look with this colour, something wearable for weekend daytime shopping :) Colours are perfect for spring!

What's your favourite drugstore find so far??

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