E.L.F. January Sale-Ends -01/24/2011


Hello again Beauties!
I just wanted to tell you guys about E.L.F.s greaaaaaat offers online right now! It's not easy for me to find E.L.F. in Canada so I buy a lot of my stuff online or when I go visit my parents! Although, just to let you canadian girls know, I believe I saw e.l.f. products at Zellers, if anyone has any other places in Canada you can find e.l.f. please let me know!
Anyways, e.l.f. is having a 50% sale on Achelle's "resort" and "winter" picks. This features a variety of e.l.f. studio products such as the cream blush, the cream eyeliners, minty lipglosses (a favourite!), eyebrow kit, cream eyeshadows, etc. (ie. A LOT OF STUFF IS 50% OFF!!) And if you know e.l.f. then you know that its pretty much from either 6 or 3$ each to like 3$ to 1.50$ each and that is SUCH a bargain.
Photo Credit: Taken from eyeslipsface.com; full credit given to www.eyeslipsface.com

Now if you don't like any of the featured product they also have a free shipping for orders 25$ or over.
Unfortunately, you can't combine the coupons, but for me the "Achelle's picks" offer was a better deal and I saved me a bit more than the free shipping would have.
The sale ends January 24, 2011, so in just FOUR days so hurry up! 

Now some of the things I'm picking up are: Cream Eyeshadows, Cream Eyeliners, Blushes and some Lipglosses. I'm going to do a review on these items when they come in. I'm very very excited to try them out!
All these items can be found here

Will you guys be getting anything?? And if you are, what will you be getting?

À Bientôt Mes Amours,
La Belle Muse

**I am in no way, shape or form affiliated with E.L.F. They do not pay me or tell me to say these things. I am buying lots of discounted goodies form their site and thought you guys would like to know about the sale!**

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