Foundation Favourites Part 1


Hello Beauties
Happy New Year! 
In honour of the new year I wanted to show you guys the products I use to get an amazing and even-toned face. I've fortunately tried products that work great for me, but that doesn't mean I won't be trying out other types of foundations. The next one I plan on trying out is Revlon's Colorstay Liquid foundation. I've heard (and read) great things about that liquid foundation and am curious to see if it really is better than what I use now.The products I'm showing you ladies are mainly just the concealer and foundations, but I do also use some blush (Chanel reflex) and occasionally highlighter (Benefit girl meets pearl) on the days when I feel especially drab.
I use MAC prolongear concealer, Revlon photoready liquid foundation and MAC studio fix compact powder.

First I apply MAC pro-longwear concealer in NC20 with my ecotools concealer brush and blend away. I put this underneath my eyes, over any blemishes and on the sides of my nose at its base where the creases are the darkest. This little trick actually makes your nose look a lot smaller and eliminates excess shadows from your face which can be really unflattering.
Next I use Revlon Photoready Liquid Foundation in 008 Golden Beige using my MAC 187 stippling brush. I apply half a pump for half of my face, blend that away then apply another half pump for the other half of my face and blend that away. I usually buff the excess foundation that remains on the brush until I get an airbrushed look that I am happy with. This foundation is absolutely great, its medium coverage so it doesn't look too cakey and it makes your skin glow so I don't always use highlighter with this one. Some reviewers have debated on whether this foundation contains shimmers or not. Well I'm here to tell you that it does, but they are extremely FINELY milled. They are so small that you have to literally see them under spotlights (you know those bright lamps they use in the MAC stores). Your face will NOT look like a disco ball. 

Finally I apply my MAC studio fix compact powder (either in NC 25 or NC30 depending on the time of year, but usually I will stick with NC30- I find the NC25 to makes me look pale, why did the MAC MUA recommend it??) using my Quo large powder brush (Quo brand can be found at shoppers drug mart across Canada). This sets your foundation and keeps it from budging! Setting your foundation with powder (either tinted or translucent) absorbs the moisture from your liquid foundation so that your foundation won't smudge or leak and it also helps control oils. Be aware that you do not apply too much powder onto your face-this may give you a very cakey look.

This really gives me a flawless finish and a great canvas for looks or just for everyday school/work. I look airbrushed but not obviously so and my face makeup does not look cakey (granted I don't put too much powder on). In the next couple days I'm hoping to take this a step further and show you the process of how this looks on my face-comparing one side that's done to a side that has no makeup whatsoever. I'm really loving this combination of products. What are your preferred foundation products?

In lieu of the new year I've also set some goals for myself. Now I don't believe in setting strict goals, just because those generally work out for about a month and are too harsh to really be included in any lifestyle routine I may have. But I do plan on continuing my workout (usually 2-3 a week) and maybe taking another bellydance course- I really want to tone up some areas that have gained a few pounds over the months. I am also going to ameliorate my eating. In 2010 I was eating fairly healthy but now I'm going to look for new ways to spice up my healthy eating so I don't "stray" or "cheat" on my good eating habits. I ALSO going to try to go to bed before 2am during weeknights (as I'm finishing this post up by 1am haha)-it's a really bad habit I have and in order to accomplish my above goals I have to get a good nights rest!

À Bientôt Mes Amours,
La Belle Muse


  1. I love the Revlon Photo Ready foundation! The coverage is so nice and flawless, and the finish is absolutely gorgeous!

    Andrée xx

  2. I know its so beautiful! I'm excited to try the colour stay next from revlon :)

  3. Thanks for the detailed post on your foundation application! I always love reading how others achieve their 'flawless' face :) I also plan on trying the revlon colorstay foundation as my next one, but I am having a difficult time deviating from my current HG, Nars Sheer Glow. If you haven't already, you should try that - it looks gorgeous on!!

  4. @elleovely: No I haven't! Right now I'm looking at drugstore foundations but next time I'm in the state to buy a higher end foundation I'll go check it out. I've also heard great things about the Estee Lauder Foundation :)