Foundation Favourites Part 2


Sorry I've been so late with this post guys! I've had a busy few days with work, school and events!
So this is going to be the second part to my foundation favourites previous blog spot. I  just wanted to show you guys how I get very even-toned and covered skin without the oily-ness or the dry-ness. I just want to note that you DO have to moisturize your skin before applying any sort of foundation. Particularly because foundation can amplify the look of dry patches or dry bumps on your face-which is very unflattering. I will show you guys how the concealer, liquid foundation and setting powder look on my skin. Hopefully you guys will find this useful and let me know how I can better my posts-constructive criticism :)
So before you guys start to scream/run off scared. THIS is what it's like NOT to have any makeup/foundation at all! So don't be scared, I'm covering up very soon! :)
Now I have my MAC NC 20 Pro-longwear Concealer on me. It's a little light but that way it won't create shadows or darker spots on my face when I use a liquid foundation and powder on top of it. I like to apply this with a brush: usually, I put a dollop of concealer on the back of my hand and use the brush little by little to cover up all the spots that need covering, and Voila! 

Left Picture- I put on my Revlon Photoready Foundation in 008 Golden Beige using a 187 MAC Brush, pumping a bit (as much as you feel you need-I usually use half a pump for half my face) onto my brush and then stippling it all over my face. Hence the Golden Beige coloured chicken pocks on my face!
Right Picture-After I stipple the foundation onto my face I blend it using my 187 brush from MAC again. I buff it in until all the excess is product is off my brush and I get that flawless covered finish. 
Afterwards, I apply my MAC studio fix powder to set in the liquid foundation (Part 1 explains this a little more in detail-check out the post below this one!)
Okay, I have to admit, I look a little pale in this one, but I SWEAR it does NOT look this pale! Anyways, do you see what I mean with the coverage? My chin and cheeks are alot more even (I'm sorry if the picture is a little blurry) It's a pretty solid plan every morning and by the time I get home at around 6 or 7 (Getting to work at 930am, then gym, etc) I still look (drum roll, please) like a GIRL. It's amazing. The best routine I've tried so far, do you guys have any Holy Grail routines? :)

À Bientôt Mes Amours,
La Belle Muse


  1. You have really nice eyebrows. Kinda random lol.

  2. Haha Thanks dedomhnaigh! :) It's very nice of you to say

  3. Your skin looks fantastic even without foundation!!