E.L.F Blush Swatches


I know that this is LONG overdue. I told you guys I'd do E.L.F. Swatches when I got my E.L.F. haul in February!
I still do NOT know which blush this little guy is! Either Tickled Pink (which I ordered) or Mellow Mauve.

You can see the stickers on top of eachother. 

And here I've removed so you can see that mellow mauve sticker is underneath the tickled pink sticker! Still not sure which one it is!

Top Left to Right: Tickled Pink/Mellow Mauve ? and Pink Passion
Bottom: Heartbreaker Cream Blush
Artificial light with flash

Same order as above
Artificial light without flash
These guy are heavily swatches, wanted you to see the colours!
From left to right: tickled pink/mellow mauve??, pink passion and heartbreaker
Artificial light with flash

Same order as above.
Artificial Light without flash

I've worn both heartbreaker and the mystery blush a few times now and I do like both alot. Although I'm still experimenting with the right way to apply the creamblush-any suggestions that work for you guys?
The mystery blush gives me a lovely glow and flush, I'm excited to try out pink passion more in the spring/summer time!! :)

Which blushes are you guys sporting lately?

À Bientôt Mes Amours, 
La Belle Muse

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