Nails on a Budget!


Who doesn't love a bargain?? So when I spotted three cute nail colours on sale for 60 CENTS, yes I said CENTS and I meant it, I snagged those little beauts :)
From left to right: 150 in the buff, pink chiffon (can't remember the number), 170 honeysuckle

So I took pictures of what the pink chiffon colour looked on my nails but it seems to have been somehow misplaced? No idea what happened, I'm partial to the idea that it grew legs and walked itself off to freedom. 

150 in the buff with flash-just one layer
150 in the buff-without flash

I find that if you add two coats of in the buff, it's far too white and I think its a little obnoxious-white nails? Really? So one coats gives them a sparkly polished look that I'll be sporting this week :)

Top is pink chiffon and bottom two are 170 honeysuckle-both two coats -with Flash
Same order as above-without flash in artificial light

So I'm not super upset that my little pink chiffon walked out on me, I don't really like it on my nails. It's streaky and it clashes with my skin. I do like the honeysuckle, its a really cute nude and it makes my nails look very polished-in a way it reminds me of Samoan Sands a bit. 

What colour are you guys sporting this week? I need to do some nail polish shopping for some bright spring colours!

À Bientôt Mes Amours, 
La Belle Muse


  1. Love the honeysuckle! We need to have a slumber party with getting our nails did as the main event.

  2. Honeysuckle is really pretty! I only have one Revlon polish, it's a shimmery purple and it's beautiful, but I need atleast 4 coats for a decent opacity.
    As if these were only 60 cents!! Great find!

    Andrée xx

  3. Oops, I meant L'Oreal polish, not Revlon! Haha! I actually own no Revlon polishes, lol!

    Andrée xx

  4. Afiqah: I agree, sounds like fun!

    Straight Up Glam: that purple colour sounds super cute, I find the same thing happens with these guys-you need atleast 2-3 coats to get full opacity and they take a while to dry!