Lush Face-Care Haul!


I feel like it's coming to that busy season of the year again. Where everyone has exams or some sort of final presentations. I dislike busy worktimes :(
Anyways! On to the GOOD news: I walked into Lush yesterday determined to try a few things AND purchase Ocean Salt which I have been lemming for, for a while now! I also told the SA I'd like a mask with similar brightening effects. Lately, due to this on and off weather and the 9 hour workdays, my skin is awfully dull! She recommended Sacred Truth-even though its for mature skin-she said it has wonderful enzymes with regenerating qualities. So I gave it a shot :)
The SA was also nice enough to give me two samples of Enzymion and Gorgeous when I asked her what else I should try from store. I always have the best experiences with the sales people at lush on St. Catherine's. I'm never been pressured to buy anything; if you're on the fence about a product they will give you a (free) sample first instead of forcing you to purchase-unlike some other cosmetic stores! That really helps build customer trust I find :)
From the top left you can see Ocean Salt (Sel Oceanique), Sacred Truth fresh face mask (Verite Sacree), and the facial moisturizers: Enzymion and Gorgeous in their sample sizes.

Same order with open caps (I really need to get a new magazine!!)

Ocean Salt (Sel Oceanique)

Sacred Truth fresh face mask (Veritee Sacree)

I tried on the Sacred Truth mask as SOON as I got home. You can see its green and chunky so it not the easiest to spread :P I want to use it a few more time before I write a formal review but after one use my skin feels a lot smoother! I'm liking it so far :)

What are some of your favourite Lush products??

À Bientôt Mes Amours, 
La Belle Muse


  1. So sexy. Like your use of the word 'lemming' - ooooh.

  2. lush product like these always intrigue me! i also always wonder if they are really worth the price tag! a lot of their items are very pricey :( can't wait to hear about your further reviews on these :)

    and i feel like i have lots in common with you! science and beauty *high five*

  3. @Afiqah: Thanks! and yes I like the word "lemming" too :)

    @Jenny: They are pricey! But I've tried some sample of Ocean salt and I really really liked it which is why I spent the money. The masks are pretty inexpensive so I figured they weren't so bad to give them a shot! Yeah go science and beauty! Excited to hear more about your Cover FX job!