Oh la la! My Nails are having a French Affair ;)


Hey Beauts!
I recently purchased a couple nail-polishes from the Essie French Collection that's out for Spring 2011.
I really love the elegance and sweetness of the colours and collection this spring :)
Credit: This photo was taken from http://www.essie.com/latest-collection/. I do not own this photo.
And the suuuuuuper cute quote that goes with the whole campaign! The stories behind collections inspire me, just think of the wistful french affair we could all have...
I purchased Topless & Barefoot and French Affair

Super chic and girlie colours. Especially Topless & Barefoot since nudes are super in this season ;)
This week, though, I've decided to rock the girlie French Affair (oooh la la!)

I love Essie colours, but they do go on streaky and so you definitely need two coats for opacity (I have 2 coats on in my NOTD). I put on a top coat as well, but it started chipping about 3 days after I painted them. Bummer but I looove the colour :) Also I'm a bit rough with my hands-I gym three times per week with weights and things-so that doesn't help my cause.

The past couple days I've been really thinking about purchasing the new Fondant Firming Cream that is supposed to be firming and anti-aging body cream from Nuxe orrr the Body Contouring Serum for Embedded Cellulite which (as is obvious) works to get out stubborn cellulite. I've been going to the gym three times per week and really toning up but I definitely want something to help with the "tightning/losing of cellulite (so I can look GOOD in a bikini) process" :)
Here's the site.

What do you ladies think? Heard anything about the new Nuxe products?


  1. french affair is lovely! that reminds me, i need a bubblegum pink shade :)

  2. It looks gorgeous on you!!I love that light pink!!


  3. I love the magazine ads for these polishes, they always look so girly, I end up staring at them forever. Looks good on you!

  4. i looove topless and barefoot! but like you, i had a top coat and it didn't last for long :( i was tempted to pick up french affair as well but i've got a zillion other pinks haha