Big Bounce Eyeshadows by MAC


So I know there's already been alot of buzz about these MAC big bounce eyeshadows but I wanted to show you guys some swatches and let you know my first impressions!
I got both Trophy and Impeccably Rich, one a light pink with very fine silver glitters and the second a yellow gold wash with gold and silver flecks. 
So far, they're both great to wear on their own and as a base. Some days for work I tend to wear just Trophy as an all over lid wash, it brightens up my eyes and I get a more "awake" look. The one thing I should mention, and even the girl at the counter told me this, is that I should use a powder shadow underneath these guys to make them last longer. I've used them a few times with a powder shadow underneath, MAC eyeshadow ricepaper specifically, and they don't crease on me but they do wear out slightly after a 6-8 hr use. That's still VERY GOOD in my opinion. 
Here are the swatches:
As you can see: Trophy (left) and Impeccably rich (right)

same order as above; flash with artificial lighting

 same order as above; no flash with artificial lighting

Top is Impeccably Rich and Bottom is Trophy; no flash in artificial lighting

Same order as above; flash with artificial lighting

I just LOVE these two, they brighten up my eyes so much and they're just perfect for summer! I'm planning to do another summer FOTD with Impeccably Rich and a VERY special eyeliner that I'm inlove with! Stay tuned :)

À Bientôt Mes Amours, 
La Belle Muse


  1. That's great to hear, I cannot wait to read your post about cosmetics ingredients!! I think that cosmetics companies have been getting away with their false advertising for far too long!


  2. @Voe, thank you!! I can't wait to do more research for it either! i'm excited to combine what I do (and love) with another love of mine!