Chanel Enigma Palette: a looksie with some swatches


Hey Beauts :)

This past week has been exhausting and this upcoming week is going to be even MORE exhausting! I can't wait until next wednesday, and tomorrow is gonna be a looong day ladies. 
As a break from my hectic life I've decided to post, because let's face it-I love this schtuff :) I've had this obsession with blogging and other blogs lately! I've got to find more cool bloggers...anyone in Montreal area??
So while I was vacationing to visit my friend, we girl-talk and we eventually exchange makeup. She super kindly gave me her Chanel Enigma palette which she barely used. She tells me she gets makeup sometimes and never uses it, especially if she finds it pretty. I can't help myself, I always use it and I def use this palette all the time.

Artificial light without Flash

Swatches without flash (top) and with flash (bottom)
From left: darkest plum matte shade, dark grey shimmer shade, chocolate taupe shimmer shade, and light pink shade.

The shades aren't chalky and the do give off alot of colour. It doesn't seem like alot of colour when swatched but these shadows are better applied with a brush for maximum effect.
I would've preferred more silky finish but the baked finish works nicely anyhow. 
I was given this palette from a friend, so I didn't have to pay the super high price tag for this little guy. 
Would I repurchase this? Most likely no, if I was the natural smokey effect I think I'd get the UD naked for natural and for a smokey look. 

But it works and its pretty anyways :) 

What do you guys think of this palette? Do you ladies own any chanel quads?

À Bientôt Mes Amours, 
La Belle Muse


  1. I've got the Mystic Eyes quad which I love. These shades all look pretty xxx

  2. This is such a pretty quad! Sadly, I don't own any Chanel yet but I need to soon~ I would love to see you do a FOTD with this quad =)

  3. Great review! I agree with PopBlush, I'd love to see a look with this palette!

    It looks very pretty :)

  4. gorgeous colors! I tend to wear browns and neutrals the most so this to me is gorgeous. lovely blog btw!

  5. Lovely colours! Would love to try this quad :) xx

  6. @ Glimmer and Glow: Yeah they are! Chanel quads are def handy!
    @ popblush and vintage makeup: Thank you so much! I actually have an FOTD coming up!!
    @lovelyobsessions: i love neutrals for fall, so i know I'll be using the top two shades alot this fall! :)
    @urban mermaid: It's super pretty! It's not SUPER dark but still gorgeous neutrals like the other ladies have menioned :)

    Thanks so much ladies! <3

  7. I like your make up palette! Such a pretty colours!! :)

    P.s. U are welcome to check out my fashion blog anytime!