Old Favourites: A nice Smooth Latte


I wasn't kidding ladies, I meant smooth latte. But not the kind of you drink. The kind you smear all over your eyes. 
Now don't get scared, here's what I mean:

With flash

without flash

I know the swatch is pretty light but its such a great wash over the lid. I also use it as a crease over very light colours.
It's a beautiful matte latte colour-light brown wash-just a few shades darker that my skintone. It's a very brown colour, true brown. It may lean a little golden-orange (in a matte sort of way). 
It's not very opaque as you can tell, but you can build on the colour. I love wearing it-it makes me look more put together and noone can tell I have makeup on. Au natural all the way ;)
I have a very favourites FOTD that I wear specifically wearing this. It's so elegant and effortless.
I can't wait to show you ladies!

What are your latest rediscoveries?

À Bientôt Mes Amours,