Swatches: The Balm and The Beautiful Palette


Hey ladies! 
So I've come back with Swatches on my The Balm and Beautiful Palette by theBalm. 
Here they are! :)

Click on the picture to see the enlarged version :)

Left to Right: Oil Tycoon, The Estranged Mom, The Supermodel, The Bad Boy

Left to Right: The Southern Belle, The Mother-In-Law, The Guy Who Died but Didn't Really Die, The Mistress

Left to Right: The Step Brother, The Coma Patient, The Police Man, The Brain Surgeon

Left to Right: The Drama Queen (cheek/lip stain), The Perfect Man (cheek/lip stain), The Evil Twin (gloss), The Neighbor, The Stock Brother, The Basket Case, The Older Woman. 

Left to Right: The Neighbor, The Stock Brother, The Basket Case, The Older Woman

The texture of these is divine! Estranged Mom and Older Woman are a bit more sheer but still quite nice. Coma Patient is not super opaque either but more so than the last two I mentioned :)

What do you guys think? For 20$ at TJMaxx I'm very happy with this palette!!

À Bientôt Mes Amours,
Kisti Belle


  1. Hi doll!
    I really love your blog!
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  2. Thanks Adrilucia! I will for sure check out your blog :)