Swatchtime: Revlon Colourburst Lipgloss


Alright girls and boys,
I finally did the swatches for the Revlon Colourburst lipglosses I acquired over the holidays!
I really love the colour of these guys. It's not sheer and its not completely opaque but you definitely get an amazing colour payoff that you don't see in drugstore (or even high-end) brands very often.
The wear is about 2-3 hours, but it is a non-sticky formula. For me, it seems to get soaked up by my lips after a couple hours.
The packaging is super cute, I've loved the new packaging that revlon has come out with! The matte and patent black diamonds with "revlon" at the bottom is classy and not "flashy" like some other brands.
The price of these in the states is about 7USD, in Canada I think they go for about 9-10CAD. Which is a pretty good price seeing as these are 0.20 fl.oz.

Here are the swatches!
I got Papaya 020 and Crystal Lilac 002

 Bare Lips
Papaya 020
Crystal Lilac 002

Now papaya is a little darker and more coral on my lips. It definitely warms up my completion since its a warmer tone. It's not full coverage but definitely medium, I would say. To me, its like a glossy (medium-opaque) lipstick :)

Crystal Lilac is a very demure pink-lilac colour that is a little more than sheer. It definitely leaves colour on your lips but its not super opaque. It's a very classy colour in my opinion and quite unique. A great addition to my stash!

Would I repurchase? Maybe, although I don't know how fast I'll go through these. I may, however, go and purchase peony or rosegold since I want to try those colours too!

Indian makeup and beauty blog has all the swatches, click HERE.

À Bientôt Mes Amours,


  1. oh nice, I LOVE that Crystal Lilac as I'm all about lighter colors, I want to buy it!

  2. hi, kisti--you are the perfect combo of beauty and brains. love your blog--great product reviews, and you are a talented writer. enjoyed browsing your blog, and i am your new follower. hope to stay connected, cheers, from usa!