Who Am I for Halloween?


Myself! I thought I'd share a bit about me today...
I read tons and tons of blogs all the time. I love finding new blogs I can relate to and new innovative ideas to be excited by. I also love the girls who not only love fashion, makeup, etc but give you a bit of their world and make certain posts sort of like a dialogue. Getting to know people and their opinions, likes and dislikes is one of my favourites parts of blogging.
I live in Montreal, Quebec and currently I am finishing up my Master's. I really do love this city, it's got this sort of quaint, friendly vibe to it. It's very chic but also indie, it's as professional as it is artistic and quirky. I do love what I do for my Master's, its fun and it definitely feeds my nerdy mad scientist I have living inside my head :P
I guess I'll give you a little tidbit of what I'm doing at the moment!
A few weeks ago I got on a bike for the first time in YEARS and rode around a bit. These hipster bikes are so unlike my old little blue road bike. Either way it was a free-ing experience and I had so much fun with it!

I love hanging out with my friends and I'm a pretty social person. Feel free to say hi :)
That's me in the middle with the leopard top!

Earlier this year, my friend and I "crashed" Comic-con...
...and I sort of became friends with Darth Vader.

Just a testament to how you can make friends where-ever you go! ;)

Tell me something interesting about you! I always love hearing everyone's story :)

À Bientôt Mes Amours,

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