Haul: Lusting for Lush.


Happy November! 
Or movember as all my friends like to call it
Who here likes this month as movember? I support Prostate Cancer Research but sometimes the boys take the moustaches a little too far.
I finally went to lush to grab an exfoliator for my lips. Since fall is already becoming so dry and winter is fast approaching my lips have periods of being super dry. Exfoliator is always handy to have to remove the dryness! It's also my first lip exfoliator.
So here's what I got: 

Woohoo! Angels on Bareskin, Mint Julep lip scrub and Eau Roma toner as a sample!

Look at all the sugar crystals...

Almond pieces to exfoliate in Angels on Bareskin.

So far I am really loving the angels on bareskin + eau roma toner. At nighttime I'll wash my face with Angels on Bareskin and pat on the Eau Roma toner and my skin is looking so clean, and fresh. I was out with a friend last night and she said "your skin looks great!"
It was so great to hear because I've been working so hard to find a great skin cleansing/moisturizing combo! 

À Bientôt Mes Amours,


  1. Angels on Bareskin looks so edible ahah!

  2. I really want to try that lip scrub!

  3. @ GABY: yes it does! IT feels amazing on the skin!
    @ popblush: its really good! I'll do a review soon :)