Mini Haul: F21 and MAC


I need to stop looking at makeup. As soon as I see makeup it's so shinny and glittery and full of wonderful possibilities... I buy it. Then my wallet hates me. I think one day I'll end up starving for fashion and makeup. That's where Forever 21 gets me. I'll be waiting in line to buy a simple shirt, etc. and there are these bins full of makeup and nailpolishes. I'm thinking "oooooooh" and then I get up to the cash with a handful of goodies and I'm thinking "shitttt".
FW problems. haha
On that note, here's my little haul of F21 and one MAC eyeshadow:

MAC "all that glitters eyeshadow", F21 eyeshadow palette and F21 6 nail files (they were only a dollar!!)

F21 eyeshadow palette

MAC "all that glitters"

I guess the damage isn't too bad. Little hauls help satiate the addiction ;)

Do you ladies buy makeup from F21?

À Bientôt Mes Amours,


  1. Ooohh you got the super famous All That Glitters! Looks beautiful indeed!

  2. I love it, it's a beautiful lid wash colour-I wear it everyday!
    Swatches to come :)

  3. I love "all that glitters". I don't really buy make-up from forever 21 but I'm addicted to their nail polishes<3

  4. oooh I like their nailpolishes too! (haha surprise surprise!)