Review: Watts Up by Benefit


Hey ladies,
Back here to report another clever and witty product by Benefit. The "Watts Up" Highlighter is a champagne highlighter, perfect for every-if not most-skintones.

Benefit's Description
"Our soft focus highlighter turns on “watt” ya got with a delicate champagne glow that’s gorgeous. With a cream-to-powder’s a switch on “wow” for all complexions. You’ll adore the smooth applicator & luminous sheen."

My Review

It's a beautiful champagne highlighter with very very small microshimmers-neutral/goldtoned. A little goes a long way with this one-the pigmentation is great! You CAN put on too much highlighter and you will look like a disco ball if you're not careful. As long as you put a light swatch on your highlight zones and make sure to blend it out-you'll be okay. This is pretty flattering on all skintones. It can lean cool if you're cooltoned and it can lean warmer if you have a warmer skintone-it's a nice neutral champagne. 
The wear is great! I put it over top of my blush/powder and it lasts ALL day: from 9am putting it on to 7pm coming home, so about 8 hours or more. 
The packaging is freaking ADORABLE; it shaped like a light-bulb! Can't get much cuter than that. 
I also really like the twist top solid highlighter-kind of like the NARS multiples. Super easy to just swipe in on the areas and blend out. The soft knob spong at the end really has no use, you could use it to blend out but I feel as though it would take off more product than it would blend. For now I'm blending with my fingers and leaving the sponge tip as a packaging aesthetic. 
The texture is super smooth, not gritty or dry, it doesn't pull or tug when you put it on. See for yourself in the swatches! 

Would I repurchase this? Absolutely, I use it everyday and i definitely helps "illuminate" my skin :)

Artificial light with flash

Without fash

Watts up

Right to left: benefit girl meets pearl, watts up and mac mineralize in gold deposit
With flash

Same order
Without flash.

What's your favourite highlighter?

À Bientôt Mes Amours,
Kisti Belle


  1. Thank you for the swatches!! tI looks beautiful, I'm so tempted to try it now but I know that I'll put it a few times and it will end up in the back of my drawer >_<

  2. I don't have many highlighters so I really like this one! It's a good everyday colour :) You're welcome!

  3. I really want to try this!! Thank you for the review. I love highlighters!