NYX Round Lipstick Swatches Part 1


Hollah to all the pretty ladies :)
I promised you NYX swatches of the 9 colours of round lipsticks I got and I am delivering. Today. Right now. Are you ready? 
This is part 1 guys: 5 swatches today, be patient and you'll get the other 4 soon. (feels more dangerous putting it that way ;) hehe)

Welcome to my colourful lippie world.

This one is a beautiful nude pink. Tea Rose (shown below) is a more popular pink nude from the NYX round lipsticks but this one is a more on the pink/coral side.

NYX Tea Rose
GORGEOUS nude. I was so excited for this one. I could wear it all the time, I even bought a backup. It's a pink nude, but leans towards a pinker taupe or pinker neutral/brown compared to Fig (pictured above).

NYX Indian Pink
Whoa. This one surprised me. I thought it was going to be a pink with a bit of coral, turns out its more a coral with a bit of pink... and sort of shimmery. Now I do like this colour, don't get me wrong. It's more of a summer colour for when you're bronzey and glowy. 

NYX Femme
Love this. This in-your-face bright coral red. Or orange red. Either way, its loud, in your face, and awesome. It says "oh HEY there, I know you think I look good. It's okay, if I were you I'd think I looked pretty good too." This picture doesn't even do it justice. It's definitely brighter.

NYX Chloe
I don't know who Chloe was but she must've been some kick-ass chick. This lipstick is bright, dark, blue-based berry fuschia. This picture doesn't do it full justice either. I'm not totally sure I can pull it off, I'll have to decide that soon. Maybe I'll do a look with this chick and you ladies can tell me what you think?

I didn't bother doing a bare lips shot since these guys are so pigmented you can clearly see that it's not my natural lip colour. You, literally, only have to do one swipe of these guys on your lips and the colour is so strong and so pigmented. I love it. I haven't worn them for long enough to know about their wear. But the texture and pigment is completely on point-gorgeous. A couple of the dark ones I've got mayyyy need some lipliner though. 

Any lipsticks you ladies are loving right now?

À Bientôt Mes Amours,
Kisti Belle

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