NYX Round Lipstick Swatches Part 2


Hey Gals!
It's been a while and I know I promised you the second part of my NYX lip swatches. 
I've been so incredibly busy and then lazy when I get home just needing to veg out! 

Here are the swatches ladies:
NYX Rosebud
This is a shimmery sheer pale gold/pink colour. It's not my favourite as I dont like my lipsticks to be shimmery with sparkles at all-that's more of a gloss job to me. 

NYX Paris
Paris a blue based pink that borders on a slight tinge of lavender because of its blue undertones. It's a beautiful colour but I think it would be better in the spring/summer. The consistency is nice, definitely an opaque pink that goes on buttery smooth! 

NYX Louisiana
Well I never knew Louisiana could be so bold or pink. But this is one loaded lipstick, gorgeous pink colour that a pretty neutral pink (in my opinion) and looks great for a simple daytime look or a hot night out!

NYX Chaos
What a great name for a lipstick, Chaos. At first, I really hated the colour, I thought it was too dark and not right for my skin-tone. The problem with this is that it can go on super opaque and dark if you slather it on (unlike most lipsticks). With just one coat you get a gorgeous red, definitely brighter than my Chanel Rivoli and definitely a glossy hollywood red. One of my friends would wear red on a rainy day to cheer herself up and this might just be one of those lippies for me :) 

What colours are you ladies wearing this January?

À Bientôt Mes Amours,
Kisti Belle


  1. I think NYX Paris is the prettiest! :)