A Nudge into Forever Pink (Review)


I really love when your friends push you, like "I'm bored at work today and I'm all updated on your blog." Hmmm...that's definitely a hint (or should I say motivational nudge) to post. So here I am! After two grueling weeks of scientific experiments and research all towards my Master's Final Seminar and Thesis. Time flies when you're having fun (?), oooor when you're working your a** off. I still have a month of this to finish up my MSc, how scary and exciting? Excitingly scary and scarily exciting. (See what I did there? ;) )

Here is my *nudged* post about L'Oreals' Infallible EyeShadow in Forever Pink 004.

From left to right: MAC Expensive Pink, L'Oreal Infallible Forever Pink 004, MAC All that Glitters.
Without Flash

Same order from left to right. With Flash.

Packaging: I like the packaging for these little guys. Its compact, yet its clear so you can tell which is which by the pigment that pressed up against the plastic. The top twists off and theres a mini plug conserver so you dont get any spills or messiness.
Pigment: The pigment is fantastic as well, its strong and the colour shows up nice and smoothly on my eyelids. I wish the texture, when I pick up pigment with my brush, was a little smoother. It ball up a bit and tends to chunk out at times when I'm trying to grab some onto my brush.
Price: Hmmm in Canada these are about 12$ and in the States about 8-10$. They are definitely pricey for single eyeshadows from a drugstore. For comparison, MAC single eyeshadows are 18$ in Canada and 14$ in the States. (although If you buy the palette singles-they need a palette to pop into-from MAC those are 13$)
Longevity: These definitely live up to their name, infallible. They last for 10+ hours on me, maybe about 12. After being at work from 930 to 6pm my eyeshadow is stil there. Going out until 1030pm, I can still see pigment on my eye (without shadow primer).
Application: I guess the top part applies better here (hehe no pun intended). But I DO wish the texture was a little more buttery and brush-friendly. It seems to ball up under my brush at times and doesn't always end up going on evenly.

So my rating? Out of 10, an 8. Only because of the application and price (for a drugstore brand).
I also have Amber Rush that I will show swatches of later; let me know if you want a review for this one as well but they are the same. Amber Rush is a beautiful golden copper that has wonderful pigment and same texture as well. I wish these guys were a couple dollars cheaper-I'd be inclined to try out a few more colours.
Sahara Treasure is on my list though!

Have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts?

À Bientôt Mes Amours,
Kisti Belle

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  1. wow! great eyeshadows!