Pure Clean by Garnier Fructis


Toronto is such a different city from Montreal. 
And it's strange, because they're only 7 hrs (driving) away from each other. Toronto reminds me a bit of the movie Inception, with its' tall grey buildings and cold city-style, or as my mom calls it "an americanized canadian city". It's true, but as much as it is more "americanized" it's a wonderful change at times :) 
So now that I'm here and staying with a friend for a few days I decided to bring a sample of Garnier Fructis Pure Clean Shampoo and Conditioner to try. This shampoo is their "environmentally friendly and biodegradable" product with the slogan: Highest efficiency on hair, lowest impact on the environment. I'm not going to list the ingredients but here is the website for reference and product ingredients: http://www.garnier.ca/_en/_ca/haircare/hc-fructis-pure-clean.aspx. 

My hair is pretty good about shampoos, as long as I wash it everyday it's always bouncy and shiny. There are times when I've used a very moisturizing shampoo and my roots end up being greasy on a few hours after cleaning. Ridiculous. At 9 a.m. this morning in the shower, before heading to my friends' office, I used said products. The result? Well, my hair feels clean so far, definitely freefalling and bouncy. (but that's like...everyday...)
I'll update a bit later if I feel any different. 
What I really want to discuss is my experience in the shower. (with the shampoo of course!) 
I squeezed the shampoo out of the sample pack and it's this very thin, extremely transparent (think water) liquid. It's a little more viscous (thick, slow running fluid) than water but alot thinner than my shampoo (L'Oreal Sulfate Free Voluminous for Coloured Hair). As I start to wash my hair, it lathers for about 3 seconds and then disappears: at this point I'm thinking "Did I wash my hair?"so I use the rest of the sample pack just incase. I rinse, then its time for the conditioner. Conditioner is white, like most, and smells quite atypical for something you'd put in your hair. The consistency is nice, but the smell is very earthy; I add it to my ends and it literally melts into my hair, again I'm thinking "Where did the conditioner go? LOL". 
At that point I was very confused, I had no idea if my hair had been washed or conditioned. 
Would I purchase this shampoo after this experience? Probably not, I know its a "green" product and that's great but I need a product that I can trust to clean my hair and I'm not 100% sure it did anything. I also really appreciate a nice lather in the morning, it just feels nice during a 9 a.m. shower! 
Price point: 4$ in the U.S. and approximately 8$ in Canada (per bottle). 

Have you ladies tried any biodegradable and environmentally friendly shampoos?

À Bientôt Mes Amours,
Kisti Belle

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