SkinCare for your SunCare!


Hey beautiful ladies, 
I have something important to share with youuuu! 
Skincare for the Sun!
It's so much more important than you think. It can cause cancers, damage, wrinkles, etc. on your face and on your body. It's lovely to tan but please use sunscreen!! 
It's been beautifully sunny here in Montreal lately and its caused me to think alot about my skin before I go outside. 
I got this great info-sheet produced by Olay from Temptalia, she just posted this and I thought it was so important to share with all of you. 
It says to use spf 15 or higher, but my rule is 30 or higher (esp for the face!) but even for the body I use spf 30 OR higher. Right now for my face and decollete I'm using spf 60 from Neutrogena whenever I go out into the sun. It's oil free and so far no breakouts from it! Yay! For my body I use 30 spf from a no name brand from a drugstore here in Quebec. 

What brand of sunscreen or suncare is your favourite? 
Have fun out there my sunbabies, and be safe ;) 

À Bientôt Mes Amours,
Kisti Belle


  1. I'm so glad you did this post about SPF. Ladies really need to be aware about the importance of wearing it everyday. I make sure to put atleast SPF 50 on my face everyday. Great post!

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