Sephora's taking over Canada!!


 ...Or just the Montreal/Quebec area ;)
A new Sephora opened up in downtown Montreal on St. Catherine's Street on the Friday, 1st of June. Now I heard there was a private party for the opening Thursday night, which made me SO jealous, would've given aloooot to go to a private Sephora party!
 I got a chance, as a work break, to check out the Sephora store on Monday. There was no way I was going on opening day with, what I'm sure was, a crazy excited crowd.

This is the store front from inside the mall. Of course they have another store front on the street. 

At first, this display really confused me (this is only part of the display) but as I went up to it I discovered it was a perfume display, for men. (Okay so cologne is more appropriate here hehe). So here you have Ipads and ten different scents to chose from. It asks you questions like what base scents you do prefer and when you press one of the ten button a puff of perfume comes out of the corresponding scentsample. What a great way for guys to figure out a cologne they like! 

This is the Makeup Forever Section, there is an entire section for MUFE. Kind of exciting really, they seem to have a lot more options than the Bay! 

Just another snapshot of the store, you can see part of the Stila display as well as some hair care products. 

The store seems really great, its big and has a lot of different brands and different options. A counter to help Men decide which colognes they like. There are touch screens along the store instructing consumers how to use new products as well as all the variety from hair care, skin care and make up brands. I really like that Sephora has brought in a few brands from Europe like Ciate and Nails Inc. 
I really enjoyed browsing around and can't wait to shop there! I can see myself becoming a regular customer. And I really hope the store continues to be fashion and makeup forward. 

What do you think of Sephora? Do you have any local Sephora stores?

À Bientôt Mes Amours,
Kisti Belle 


  1. Omgg I was so jealous too when I knew they had a private party prior opening! I don't know if the VIB got a invitation, but if they did I would be so pissed off for not getting one LOL. I went there on sunday and it was packed!! I never saw so much people in both Sephora at Fairview and Carrefour Laval combined together! LOL

  2. I have a few local sephora's here where I am in Canada! they are super dressed up and sometimes just lure me in!>_< Thanks for sharing ! Maybe we can follow each other ?

  3. ahhhh sephoras options are ridic!!!