Hellocotton and Lancome Warnings


When I saw those little flowers spread all over the beauty blogging community I thought to myself, what is all this?? Well, I've joined this pretty little flowered community. 
I am now part of Hellocotton so please follow me on there, or friend me! :)

I've also noticed on Katie's Blog My Lips But Better, that Lancome has gotten a warning from the FDA. Turns out that the claims Lancome has been making with their Genifique line, and a few others, promise to "boost proteins" or "boost genes" and by definition makes their products a drug not a cosmetic. Therefore, Lancomes products are under stricter laws for advertising and for the release of these products to the general public. Katie wrote a great post on it, click here. For the letter warning the FDA sent to the president of Lancome, click here. Very interesting, part of me is glad the FDA is intervening on products we don't know yet the long-term effects of, especially if they change or modify your body.

What do you think of this recent occurrence?
I love hearing your thoughts and thanks for reading :)

 À Bientôt Mes Amours,
Kisti Belle


  1. I hadn't heard of hello cotton - sounds like I am going to have to check it out!

    1. yeah, alot of beauty bloggers are doing it :) It's great, sort of like bloglovin!

  2. I was always iffy of Lancome Genefique's claims, and I guess the FDA is too! Though I heard good reviews for the serum, I still think those claimed effects are too good to be true.
    BTW, thank you for following me on HelloCotton :D Followed you back!

    Jenny @ Geeky Posh

    1. I've also heard good reviews, but I'd love some more extensive research on the ingredients and how they work together. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!
      And no problem, great blog :)