Lush Face Care (Skincare) Haul


How has everyone's weekend been? Besides Friday, I've had the most relaxing, sleep-filled, Greys Anatomy-filled (yes, re-runs) weekend. It's been nice but I'm eager to get back to work and working out this week! 
Anyways, on Thursday I strolled into Lush looking for something to help my dull dull skin and to grab a little something for a friend's birthday. I've been cleaning and moisturizing but not using anything extra to give my skin a nice glow. Lush masks are so inexpensive, they only last about three weeks, but I wanted something quick for now. I really have my heart set on getting a Sisley mask, but for now I will have to grab Lush masks. I also go a couple other somethings...

I also got coal face and a sample of Vanilla Delight lotion-given begrudgingly by the Lush SA. She offered, I said yes, why does she have to be grumpy? I got a small piece of Coal Face, it was about 5$, to try out. Still not sure how I feel about hard soap for my face. 

I got the BB Seaweed mask and I've used it once so far. I liked it, it made my face instantly less dull. 

I'm thinking of doing a review for both these products after a few weeks of use. 

Would you guys like reviews on these products?

À Bientôt Mes Amours,
Kisti Belle


  1. Face de charbon!! hahaha when I see the french name they give their product when I walk into their store it makes me LOL. Yeess pleasee I would like to see reviews!! :)

    1. haha yeah they always come up with the best names! Reviews will def come in a couple weeks :) Thanks lady!

  2. Okay wait - this looks sooo amazing. Talk about a home spa. Do a review!