Marilyn Monroe: Fabulously Late with Swatches


Okay okay I know everyone has shown you their Marilyn by MAC hauls by now. But I was so extremely excited to get mine and I've just been late posting :) 
How many of you ladies were able to pick anything up from this collection? I came so close to being empty-handed! I went after work and by 530pm almost all the stores were sold-out of the new collection. It was crazy! I ran across town to two different MAC locations until I finally found a couple lipsticks I could get my hands on. My only regret is that I didn't get all four lippies. 

The Marilyn Monroe packaging is possibly my favourite packaging from a MAC collection so far! 
I love how pictures from the Black Sitting are featured in black and white with red signature accents. The sleek black bullet with the white and black picture of her is very chic. 

Left to Right: MAC Love Goddess, MAC Pure Zen (repromote)

 Top to Bottom: Bare Lips, Pure Zen, Love Goddess with MAC Beet liner. 

I ended up purchasing two lipsticks and one lipliner: love goddess and pure zen, which was a repromote from a recent MAC collection, and the beet liner. 
Pure Zen has been described time and time again as a pink toned nude. It's more pink toned than MAC Hue lipstick which tends to learn towards a more orange toned nude. 
Love Goddess is a perfect bright raspberry fuchsia  Other blogs describe it as a great stepping stone to work your way up to red lips, but I disagree. Raspberry fuchsia, in my opinion, is a bit more abstract on the lips while red lips are just a classic and a staple. Even so, it's a lovely lipcolour and I've already sported it to several events :). 

I wish I had gotten Deeply Adored, but that lipcolour sold out first. I had tried Charmed I'm Sure at the store but it didn't seem like anything special on me so I didn't get it (stupid!). I am really glad I got Love Goddess because that was the lipcolour I was the most excited for and I'm so glad I did! ;) 

Did you ladies manage to get your hand on any of the Marilyn Monroe collection by MAC?

À Bientôt Mes Amours,
Kisti Belle


  1. The Pure Zen colour is gorgeous. I LOVE it!!

  2. Wow, Pure Sen looks amazing. I wish I had a MAC counter in my town, I would have loved to gt something from this collection! xx