A Birthday Lovin' Haul


The 27th of October is my birthday. It was a lot better received that I had actually anticipated. 
I got so many wonderful presents and a few of them were makeup items! I thought I would showcase them here siiiiince it's a makeup blog and I'm going to be using them. :) I do want to note though, that I did get many other terrific and wonderful presents from all my other friends <3 I wish I had taken pictures of the lovely surprise party my close friends had thrown for me! It was perfect: balloons, sparkles and cake! The cake was gone after about 10 minutes... 7 forks and 1 cake. It was so perfect. Yum :)

Thanks to my lovely friend Jenn for making me this cake ;)  
Thanks guys!! <3 mrow

A friend of mine got me the Dior Holiday Palette (thank you!!) and I ended up getting myself the Gelee Eclat du Jour by Clarins. I needed a new facial moisturizer, and as I have combination skin this particular moisturizer is perfectly light. 

Another friend of mine got me a nailpolish from Nicole by OPI (thank youuu!!! ;) ) called Shoot for the Maroon. I'm super eager to try it so I will be posting a Nails swatch post very very soon. I adore dark colours for Fall, Winter and even Spring! 

I'll be showing all of these products in individual posts to come, but I thought I'd give them the love and attention they deserve here first. Just like I got on my own birthday. ;)

À Bientôt Mes Amours,
Kisti Belle

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