Girlie Holiday Gifts for your Beauty Lover | Under 50$


It's definitely that time of year again! The time where you have to buy gifts for the loved ones and sometimes the not-so-loved ones. It's not always easy to shop for your family&friends but I always love giving some cute beauty (or bath) gifts. Most of the time I put little gifts together myself, 
Here are some gift picks for that beauty love in your close circle!
All of these products can be found online at Sephora, and most of them can be found at your friendly neighbourhood Sephora store.
Oh man, this excites me so much and I might even buy it for myself haha. This is the Ciaté Caviar Mini  Bar and it features eight products (as show) four of which are the caviar pearl products and the other four are regular nailpolish colours. It also comes with a funnel so that you don't waste as many caviar pearls! I loooove the caviar products and have been craving them so much!  
Priced at $30.00 CAD.
The bareMinerales Ready Luminizer is a beautiful rose gold highlighter. I swatched it at the store and it's absolutely gorgeous. Now if your friend (or you) doesn't like shimmer, then stay away from this one cause it definitely has shimmer. This guy has recently popped up in a lot of blogs and is getting some great ratings. I may just have to grab this one for myself! I know it's not a giftset, but for a makeup lover this is a great gift to get! 
Priced at $33.00 CAD. 

This is a great giftset from Dior, usually their products are insanely expensive and they never have giftsets of this value! This is the Diorshow New Look set which features their infamour Diorshow mascara and a mini palette of Royal Khaki. If you ever wanted to try some Dior, or to gift some Dior, this is a great set!
Priced at $35.00 CAD.
The Sephora Give Me Some Lip gift set is amazing for the lip gloss lover or just for the girl who doesn't have enough lip products and is always asking to borrow yours! This way she (or even he!) can try different brands, textures and colours.
Priced at $30.00 CAD and the Sephora says its a 94$ value! 

I've always thought that Too Faced products were the cutest things. Aside form Benefit, Too Faced always find a way to make their products not only great in quality but great in packaging! I'm a girl who loves great packaging and this brand always catches my eye. 
This is the Too Faced Perfect Collection and it's available only online at (or It features their poreless primer, the blush/bronzer, a nude shimmery mulitpurpose powder (a.k.a. Glamour Dust) and a nude lipgloss.
Priced at $40.00 CAD.

If all else fails and you really can't figure anything out, or you want something less pricey, I always love to make my own little gift sets. That way you can choose what you think your friend or loved one will enjoy (which might even make it more personal) and its price point!

Do you guys have any great Christmas gift ideas, beauty or non-beauty specific?
I always love hearing from you!

À Bientôt Mes Amours,
Kisti Belle

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