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If you don't already know, then you definitely will now: I am absolutely passionate and fascinated by skincare, especially recently! That being said, I don't always take impeccable care of my skin, it's pretty robust, but I do like using the best possible products on my skin.
In the link below, on Temptalia's blog, Renee Rouleau talks about some great skincare tips.
For some of you, these may seems fairly obvious, but for others it will be great to hear them from an expert! I found some of them helpful to hear again and others were totally new to me.
Her two main points involve exfoliation, why you should do it and circulation in your facial skin, why that's important for now and in the long run. It's definitely worth a read if you haven't checked it out yet !

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Renee Rouleau, courtesy of

A link to Renee's blog was also provided on Temptalia's post! So if you need more advice, or are just generally curious, you can check it out.

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