Urban Decay's Newest Naked 3 Palette | Swatches


From left to right: Buzz, Limit, Burnout, Dust and Strange

 From left to right: Mugshot, Factory, Liar, Nooner and Trick
 From left to right: Blackheart and Darkside

Four sample-sized eye primer potions!

I got my hands on the new Urban Decay Naked 3 palette! 
I didn't think this day would come so soon. 
I've been really into rose-gold-anything lately, which prompted me into buying this palette. I actually don't have the previous Naked or Naked 2 palettes - although I'm really wanting the first Naked palette after this purchase. 
The pigmentation and shadow payoff on this baby is ah-mah-zing. Everything is smooth and ultra colourful. There are a couple shades, like dust and buzz, that may have some fallout, but other than that all the shades go on smoothly. 
You get 12 shadows that are not in the Urban Decay permanent line, plus a double ended brush: one side for applying the shadows and the other fluffier side for blending. The brush is such a plus, as I'll keep it even after I finish the palette (if I ever get there!). You also get four sample sizes of the eye primer potions - which kinda sucks since I would've preferred a small size of the regular or sin eye primer potion. Even if a sample will last me a few times, how am I going to keep it from drying out once I open it?!
The packaging is probably the nicest of the three palettes, with a rose-gold casing and an wavy pattern on the top. I also like that it's fairly sturdy as it "clicks" shut. It really remind me of an old school pencil case or watercolour set - brush included! 
On a better note, I'm really hoping Urban Decay introduces some of these colours into their permanent line: Trick, Nooner, Liar, Burnout, Limit... or maybe all the colours should be included. 

This retails at $52USD and can be found at Sephora online, Urban Decay online, Sephora and Ulta stores. 

What do you ladies think of this palette? Did you try it out?

À Bientôt Mes Amours,
Kisti Belle

NARS Guy Bourdin Blush in Coeur Battant | Swatches


Swatch of Coeur Battant blush from the NARS Guy Bourdin collection

I've really tried to restrict my "self" spending during the holiday season... but it's so. hard. At least, it's very very difficult when NARS is released a Guy Bourdin makeup collection! Guy Bourdin was a famous Parisian fashion and style photographer. Notable since he was one of the first photographers to capture and create provocative, sensual, exotic or shocking shots while incorporating fashion into it.
It comes to no surprise that the makeup collection should contain some quite shocking items as well! 

I was able to grab one of last few Coeur Battant blushes at the Bay in Montreal - I was grateful, as everything was sold out at Sephora. Note to self, always check the limited edition stock at the Bay! 
This blush is a limited edition item and sold out like hot cakes on a hungry morning. Mmm, I could go for some of those...

It's a lovely and extremely extremely pigmented blush. I think I can go as far as saying this is probably one of NARS most pigmented blushes ever, and thus many people are calling it "cinematic". The SA that put this on my cheek tapped her brush lightly and then tapped it a few times to get the excess pigment off before lightly swiping it onto my cheeks. The colour is perfect for my skin tone, when applied lightly it gives me a very natural flushed look. If applied to heavily, it risks looking like clown makeup - so I wouldn't recommend this to any beginners out there.
I'm very happy with my purchase and would purchase it again once I run out, if I could. Although, with this amount of pigmentation, I'm skeptical to the fact that I'll ever be able to finish it!

I'm pleased that NARS did not decrease the amount of blush you'd receive in the product, nor did they increase the price for a limited edition/collection product. Unfortunately, they didn't change the packaging either. The red swipe that was on the cover of the box that contained the blush is lovely and would have been a lovely addition to the NARS blush packaging.
Coeur Battant from the Guy Bourdin line is 4.8grams and the price point is $32 CAD.

Did you try anything from the Guy Bourdin line by NARS?

À Bientôt Mes Amours,
Kisti Belle

TopBox Reveal | December


Eeep finally! I was waiting all December for my December TopBox to come, and it finally came in the mail on Friday. Since my last, November Topbox, was somewhat disappointing I wasn't too hopeful that I'd have any gems in this kit. However, I was a wrong! I hate being wrong, but in this case, I've accepted that it's for a good cause. There are a few goodies that I was happy to receive. 

All in all, I received another Cuccio Colour polish (hallelujah!) in A Kiss in Paris - this is a beautiful orange-based red. I absolutely love reds for any season and they are particularly festive for the holiday season. I also love the Cuccio Colour Polishes, they have such nice colours and last quite a while. The shape of the bottle is subtly different from other polish bottles, but really classic and a personal favourite.
I also received a smaller size of the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant, which I had bought earlier this year. It's a great all around SOS product to have, as it can protect skin but it can also work as a band-aid for cuts and bruises. Fun Fact: Prince William apparently was recommended this product to protect his skin on a cold winter hike, and now swears by it!
The package came with a sample of the Estee Lauder Modern Muse perfume. I've said this a few times before, I only use one perfume, and I haven't found another that smells as good on my skin. Modern Muse is another perfume that doesn't smell that amazing on me. In general, this scent isn't something I'd pick up on my own anyways. It's a mid-strength floral scent with some citrus undertones, I can smell jasmine, maybe a bit of lavender, with lemons. It's very fresh and the scent could definitely be worn by younger women in the spring or summer season. 
Belvada Cosmetics, a Canadian skincare brand, also included a full size pot of their lip butter in Coconut. This product reminds me of the Body Shop lip butter, except it's much creamier and a touch more greasy - perfect for my dry lips. I find that it gives my lips the right amount of hydration they require. I'm hoping these become readily available in drugstores soon!

Did you receive the December Topbox? What are your favourite beauty subscriptions?

À Bientôt Mes Amours,
Kisti Belle

5 Festive Manis for the Holidays | Trend


Eeee! My goldie nails. 

1. Gold: This just screams obvious New Years polish to me. However, it's also a pretty amazing neutral - a metallic neutral that stands out and always hits the light. I'm wearing Glitzerland by OPI inthe above shot!

2. Red: This colour should be part of your holiday wardrobe, enough said! ;) Everyone should have a great red polish that suits them.

3. Glitter: Many of you may have an aversion to glitter, since it's a very 90's and #whenIwasalittlegirl trend. But in all honesty, glitter polish can be a fun and cute thing to sport. Layer any glitter over a neutral polish and you'll get a chic look, layer it over a bright and colourful polish and you're ready for the holidays! A popular glitter polish is Deborah Lipmann's Boom Boom Pow.

4. A Vampy Colour: This is really relative, but a vampy colour is a deep almost-black burgundy, navy, purple, brown etc that stands out against your skin. It can have some subtle shimmer or it could only be a wash a colour. My two favourites are OPI's Lincoln Park after Dark (a classic) and OPI Black Cherry Chutney.

5. Easy Mistletoe Mani: There's a creative side in all of us, and I also believe that we're all a little intrigued by the super decorated manis that are so prominent on pinterest and instagram. The easy mistletoe mani is a very easy way to bring some creativity onto your nails - in a very time efficient manner. Just paint your nails the colour of your choice and add three little dots to the side of your nail - makes it look a little bit like mistletoe, no? ;)

What is your favourite nail to wear during the holiday season?

À Bientôt Mes Amours,
Kisti Belle

Boscia Little Black Book Set | First Impressions


Swatch of he Revitalizing Black Hydration Gel by Boscia

I recieved this delightful little black book as a gift on my birthday at the end of October. I have never tried any Boscia products and am currently very into skincare, so this was right up my alley.

The Boscia Little Black Book set comes with four minis currently in their "Black" collection: Luminizing Black Mask, Detoxifying Black Cleanser, Revitalizing Black Hydration Gel and the No Pores No Shine T-Zone Treatment. I have tried 3 of these products, the remaining one being the No Pores No Shine T-Zone Treatment, only because it's colder and dryer and I don't have a need to use oil-controlling products during these months. However, this type of product would come in real handy during the warmer and more humid summer months, and I definitely plan on using it then!
The Luminizing Black Mask is a black peel-off mask and it's stings as you take it off - since it pulls on the skin, but it leaves my skin looking radiant and vey smooth. A little pain for beauty.
The Revitalizing Black Hydration Gel is a very light gel that is supposed to gently hydrate the skin - as it's name suggests. It comes out as a light charcoal gel and blend into the skin smoothly. It's nice and light, but during these drier months I need a more heavy duty moisturizer. Right now, it doesn't work for my skin and so I will have to leave this product for the hotter more humid months as well! Although, I do think that this would be a great moisturizer for oilier skin types - since it very lightly hydrates. [see above for the swatch!]
The Detoxifying Black Cleanser is my favourite, and will most likely be a favourite for some time to come! It comes out as a very viscous liquid cleanser, completely black in colour. With a touch of water, it lathers very easily into a lighter grey colour - smooth texture. The best part about this cleanser? It warms up as you lather, absolutely perfect for early winter morning. It doesn't strip my face of all it's oils and so I don't get a super tight feeling face after the cleanse. The warming sensation doesn't get too hot either, it's just warm. Yum. I've been using this every morning, warms me right up. I know I'll be grabbing the full size soon.
Poor, poor wallet.

All of these products, including the Boscia Little Black Book are available through Boscia online, Sephora online and Sephora stores.

Have you ever tried any Boscia products, or any warming cleansers?

À Bientôt Mes Amours,

Kisti Belle

Urban Decay Ocho Loco 2 | Swatchtime


Did I mention I love Christmas? I do. More than just all the holiday happiness and cheer, but all the beautiful palettes and sets that come out during this time. And yes, I've said that before, and if you know me personally, you may be sick of hearing/reading it.
But as I was walking in Sephora, I noticed some Urban Decay Sets - like Black Market and Ocho Loco 2. Originally, I went to grab Black Market - a set of black-based eyeliners from UD, but the I saw Ocho Loco 2 and the variety it offered. Me being me, I chose variety instead of the 5 similar black-based liners. I am still, very happy with my choice. 

Left to Right: Roach, Twice Baked, Crave and Perversion

Left to Right: Deep End, Mars, Ultraviolet and Tornado

24/7 Liner Swatches from Left to Right: Roach, Twice Baked, Crave, Perversion, Deep End, Mars, Ultraviolet and Tornado

It comes with the eight eyeliners, four limited edition and four permanent ones, plus a grindhouse (an eyeliner sharpener) for $68CAD. It's a steep price for a set, but each of the eyeliners is full size and each liner costs $23! This amounts to about a $200 value for $68 total - it hurts the wallet but it's a great value. I also never buy super colourful liners as much as I do shadows, so it's a great way to build a liner set and experiment. I'm also loving wearing these on their own with mascara; it gives me that daily pop of colour that I'm missing during these dreary cold months!

In the set, you receive a collection of browns, a black, blues-purples and an olive liner.
So far these eyeliners have amazing colour payoff and last for at least 8 hours - quite a while! I haven't tested their blending/smudging power however, I've heard from other beauty bloggers and beauty gurus that they're very easily blendable and can be used an shadow bases.
You can purchase Ocho Loco 2 at Sephora stores, online Sephora here, and any retailer that sells Urban Decay cosmetics.

I'm also intrigued to find out if Perversion will beat my MUFE Aqua Eyes eyeliner in Black, in terms of longevity, blendability, waterline colour payoff, etc. I'm currently loving the Aqua Eyes and right now it's my HG/favourite liner. 

What do you ladies think? Have you ever tried any of the Urban Decay 24/7 liners?

À Bientôt Mes Amours,
Kisti Belle

Top 10 Beauty Holiday Gift Sets | Indecent Xposure


Every Christmas, there always a battle between beauty brands to figure out which set is the best for it's value. This year is no different, but it seems as though brands are coming out with more and more sets per year during the holidays! 
I racked up the Top 10 Holiday Beauty Sets for Indecent Xposure and wanted to share them with you as well. 
Parts of this list actually come from personal experience, as I've bought at least two of the sets already! 

Click here to go the article on ixdaily.com

Winter Blues | Eyeshadow Swatches


I think I'm starting to get the winter blues. Then of course, with those two words in my head - winter blues - I start thinking about colours. Eventually, my mind goes to my makeup and then to my eyeshadows. So that entire train of thought got me thinking about the deepest winter blue hues in my collection. I came up with three shadows that I really love. You can wear blue at any point in the year, but deep blues are particularly fitting for this time of year. 

From left to right: NARS Tropic, MAC Deep Truth, MAC Flashtrack. 

From the swatches, it looks like there isn't a difference between Deep Truth and Flashtrack - but I can assure you that there is. Flashtrack is a blue with a black base making it much darker; it also has some thicker shimmers. Deep Truth is a deep royal blue with very subtle shine to it. My favourite out of these two is Deep Truth, since it's so rich in blue colour and I could wear it all over the lid. Flashtrack is a great crease or "v" colour for the eyes, it brings out the blue tones in the other shades you're wearing. 
I haven't had a chance to try NARS Tropic yet, but it's a beautifully stunning peacock blue with very chunky silver glitters. I'm going to have to do a tutorial for this one, since it's a shade I think would work well with other holiday tones - like golds and silvers and neutrals, or other paler winter blue shades. 

Rich and deep blues are a great way to put some colour into your makeup routine for the colder months. I love to use them as a crease or all-over lid colour to spice up the neutral shades I tend to wear through the winter season. 

What are you some of your favourite blue shades? 

À Bientôt Mes Amours,
Kisti Belle

November Favourites


Is it just me, or do the weekend pass by far too quickly? I don't mind the week going quickly, but I wish the weekends would stay a little longer. I wonder if it's the lack of sunlight, it sets before I've even left from work! This is what it's like, living in Canada in the winter. 

Luckily, my love for makeup keeps me going until the sun comes out again. 

On that note, here are my November Favourites: 

Chanel Perfection Lumiere Foundation
 I always tell myself not to get high-end foundation, since foundation is something that I wear every day and falling in love with an expensive one can get a little pricy. But this one just melts into my skin like I've never seen a foundation do before - even a BB cream! It's smell lovely,  perfect colour for me, gives me the perfect coverage: sheer if I want and thicker if I layer it on, and it's not cakey! The only stickler is the price, but we will see how long one 30ml bottle lasts and I'll weigh that con with all the pros. 

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet in La Sensuelle
A beautiful birthday present given to me by a bestie. The colour suits my skintone perfectly and on top of that it's a perfect deep red for the cooler months! I've heard other blogger and ladies raving about this - if you're a brunette with a light to medium complexion it's a must try. 

Smashbox Photo Finish Under Eye Primer
I don't use this everyday, but whenever I feel like the skin under my eyes gets a little dry and the concealer doesn't hold - I slather it on! It really helps the concealer to stay on and so it doesn't dry out and then crease. I haven't seen a hydrating under eye primer like this available anywhere else, and it's a smart idea! As soon as I run out of my samples, I will be purchasing a full size.  

Boscia Detoxifying Black Cleanser
I received this in a Boscia Black Set, which I will be posting about soon, and I have been using it every morning since! This cleanser is a warming cleanser, which means as soon as I lather it up it warms to my hands and it's warm when I apply it to my face. Perfect for those winter mornings! So far, it's a strong morning cleanser. I have normal/combination skin and it can dry out the dryer parts of my face, but that is rectified when I apply my morning moisturizer. Great for combination/oily skin types! 

Make Up Forever Black Liquid Liner
I decided to purchase this after I wasn't too pleased with my UD liquid liner (the cap broke and it's drying out so quickly!). I am so glad that I did, this is a great every day black liner. I can create thin lines as well as thick Bridget Bardot inspired sultry eyes, and it stays on all night long. ;) 

Sample of Benefit It's Potent!
I received this on a trip to Ulta, and I didn't think to try it until now. I've been using it before I go to bed and it really makes a difference in terms of the hydration of my eye-area. It also helps to brighten up the area a bit and so when I wake up it's not a full-on raccoon sighting upon looking in the mirror. 
I'm not sure if I'll purchase the full size, but I'm loving this little sample so I'm taking it into serious consideration. 

What do you ladies think of these products? Have you tried any of them, love or hate em?

À Bientôt Mes Amours,
Kisti Belle

Review | CoverFx Anti-Aging Primer


There aren't many times that I find a product, use it once and absolutely hate it. So you may say that this is an exception, but I'm really not a fan of the Anti-Aging Primer by CoverFX.

I was sent this primer with one of my TopBoxs, I was un-eager (yes I just coined that) to try it since it has the words "Anti-Aging" on it. To be fair, I'm a 20 something year old beauty blogger, I take good care of my skin and I eat fairly well. I have a few hormonal break outs here and there, mostly on my chin, and I moisturize and exfoliate as needed. In other words, I take precautions for aging, including SPF. Therefore, I don't feel as though I need Anti-Aging products just yet. Anti-Aging products tend to be harsh on the skin, and especially harsh on younger skin. Nonetheless, I was sent this primer and thought I'd give it a try.

I only wore this product once, but it completely broke me out afterwards. I had pimples and blackheads on my cheeks (which I never get!) and extra pimples on my chin. As I said, I make an effort to keep my skin clear, and so when I get a flair up of breakouts and I'm not PMSing or changing up my skincare routine - I know it's a new product I'm trying.
The primer is greasier than ones I've used previously, like Smashbox Photo Ready primer, and doesn't melt into pores as easily - quite a bit remains on the surface. The extra oil may be what caused extra breakouts on my skin. It did keep my foundation on longer, but it wasn't as effect as other primers I've used previously, I had blotchier patches throughout at the end of the day. As you can see, the colour is a clear yellowy gel-like consistency. I have to say, that a little goes a long way. A full size 30ml tube would last quite a while even wearing it every day.

- Decent price point for higher end brand: $38CAD for 1oz (Compare Smashbox at $41CAD for 1oz)
- Squeeze-out packaging
- Potent: small amount for complete coverage

- Oily product
- Skin becomes "shiny" (a.k.a oily)
- Blotchy coverage at EOD
- Does not absorb well
- Not suitable for combination, acne prone or sensitive skin

I can't attest to the "Anti-Aging" benefits that it claims to provide. However, as a "primer" and regular beauty product it doesn't do a good job: it breaks me out, gives me shiny skin and blotchy end-of-the-day coverage. I will not be buying a full size of this primer. 

What do you ladies think? Have you tried this primer before?

À Bientôt Mes Amours,

Kisti Belle

First Impressions | Glam Glow YouthMud Mask


The Glam Glow YouthMud Mask is one of the most hyped-up skincare products of 2013, in my opinion. I've heard so much of this in the past months from fellows bloggers, youtubers as well as retail stores. It's used by celebrities on the red carpet before huge huge events, like the red carpet (duh), and so that's how it came into fame.
I was able to grab a small tub from Sephora from 21$, which is still fairly pricey for such a small amount. 
The smell is actually one of my favourite things about the product, it's akin to a strong deep floral fragrance. It's an olive green colour with chunks of goodness, although that makes it sounds kinda gross doesn't it? In my experience, there are two types of masks: smooth masks and then ones with chunks of goodness in them, like the Glam Glow YouthMud Mask.

I've only tried this mask once, but the one time I did try it, my skin was thoroughly cleansed afterwards. I can say that it cleared all my blackheads and seemed to unclog most of my clogged/enlarged pores. I still can't believe how fast it melted my blackheads... crazy right? My nose pores were clear as day afterwards. I'm not sure if it "exfoliates" but it does slough away all the dead skin, so in it own unconventional way, I guess it does in fact exfoliate. It just exfoliates enzymatically (aka without have to scrub a dub). It did make my skin look pretty good afterwards though - glowy and super soft. As promised. Amazing. However, I do not think this would suit sensitive or very dry skin types. I had applied it to my temples and around my eyes, and the skin around those areas was sore for a couple days after. So there you have it - not so much for you sensitive types out there.

The packaging is typical of a mask pot, the only thing that irks me is that the opening is smaller than the pot, and so I feel that a bunch of product will inevitably get stuck in the upper sides of the pot.
You feel me?
Let's hope so.

Overall, to end this short and sweet review, this is an expensive and small amount of product that packs a big punch. I may not use it all over my face again (avoiding the temples and around the eyes for sure), but I will definitely use the rest on my problematic areas. I would consider repurchasing a small pot for those very bad skin days (period days or I'm just hormonal for no bloody reason days), when I need something with a strong backbone.

You can find it here at Sephora online or at Sephora stores.

Have you ladies tried this famous celebutante Glam Glow YouthMud Mask? What is your favourite clearing/exfoliating mask?

À Bientôt Mes Amours,

Kisti Belle

Butter London Knackered NOTD | Swatch


It doesn't look like much in the bottle, but Butter London Knackered is actually one of the most unique polishes I've come across. From afar, it comes off as a metallic gunmetal colour, but from upclose it's much more multidimensional. It's a duochrome of violet, grey, peacock green and blue. So maybe more of a quatrochrome? It also has very fine silver glitter, only obvious in fairly bright lights.

I layered in over Essie in Chinchilly, but I've heard it also looks stunning over blue polishes. 
I'm a fan of the polish, but even though it looks amazing up front its hard to see the appeal from afar. So for now, I think I'll stick to my super intense blacks, reds etc for the fall/winter seasons. 

What do you guys think of this colour? Yay or nay?

À Bientôt Mes Amours,
Kisti Belle

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream | Haul


Rumour has it that the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant is very amazing and a beauty must have. I finally took the plunge when I saw a great set for a great price, most likely a gift set, available at Winner's (akin to TJ Maxx or Marshalls but for Canada). 

So I finally took the plunge and for $15 CAD it was a good deal! I got 50ml, a pretty standard size, of the Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant, along with a Eight Hour Lip Protectant Stick (a balm) with SPF 15 and an Eight Hour Cream Intensive Moisturizing Treatment (30ml). 
 I'm ecstatic I was able to pick it up at this price my first time purchasing.

The Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant is said to be amazing for cuts and bruises and any other type of marking you'd like to keep hydrated and protected in a pinch. A lot of beauty lovers have claimed that this can be used as a balm. It also has some properties for beauty: it can be used over the eyelid to create a dewy finish, to smooth out eyebrow hairs, moisturize/protect cuticles and it can also be used across the cheekbone to create that same dewy finish - just to name a few. 
Evidently, Elizabeth Arden used to use it on her bruises to help them heal, and rumour even has it that one of her client's used it on their son's scraped knee - which healed in the "eight hour" time frame of the cream! 
The petrolatum, vitamin E and beta-hydroxy concoction has been a cult favourite for some time, and so I'm glad to have it in my collection!

You can probably find this on occasion at your local Winner's or TJ Maxx, otherwise you can grab it the Elizabeth Arden Beauty Boutique online here.
A 50ml tube will be about $20. If you specifically want the gift set I spoke about above, you can also grab it at the online boutique here at the price of $35. 

What do you ladies think of the Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant? If you have it, what do you use it for? 
I always love hearing ideas! 

À Bientôt Mes Amours,
Kisti Belle

First Impressions | KORRES Greek Yogurt Nourishing Lip Cooler in Raspberry


Trying out new products doesn't get old. It can get a little overwhelming when you have too many things to try, but it certainly doesn't get old. So when I get spoiled with a new item I haven't heard of or have yet to try, I get super excited!! 

This time I was spoiled with the KORRES Greek Yogurt Nourishing Lip Cooler in Raspberry. Even though I'm not sure it needs a full review, I think it deserves a quick first impressions post. Something about me you should know, is that a first impression lasts a while with me. Of course, first impressions can always be proved wrong but I find that a lot of time they impact me far more than I tend to realize.

The one thing I adore about this product is the packaging and the delivery of the product itself. Since it's a doe foot metal-roller ball applicator, it does give a cooling feeling to the lips, which is really soothing to dry and sore lips. The products applies in a saucey sort of texture with very small chunks of product in the mix. It sounds gross, I know, but as soon as you rub your lips together it smooths out and starts moisturizing instantly. End result? Not gross at all.

How quickly it moisturizes and cools my lips is surreal. I truly believe that this would be suitable for sensitive skin/lips as well.

The colour I received was in the shade raspberry, but it's tinted, so it leaves a tinted pink colour and a nice juicy "wet looks" on the lips. It's very natural and casual for any time, but it's also cute on the lips! I think it's perfect for any girl who's looking for some moisture and a bit of colour without the waxy or super glossy after-effect. It's also peeeerfect for the warmer months.

I'm definitely left with a good first impression with this little guy and I'd be intrigued to try the peach shade as well!
You can buy the KORRES Greek Yogurt Nourishing Lip Cooler at Sephora stores and online here. You can also purchase it in clean, strawberry shade and peach shade, as well as the raspberry shade featured here.

What do you ladies think? Have you tried a nourishing cooling balm before that has a little bit of tint?

À Bientôt Mes Amours,

Kisti Belle