Spotlight: Haus of Gloi - Vegan Skincare


As some of you may already know I've been really into skincare and the brands that offer such products. I was browsing Temptalia's blog one night in the last months and I came across some of her favourite, smaller and lesser-known, brands: Haus of Gloi. This brand delivers fine vegan bath products that are truly cruelty-free and made with natural ingredients. 

I ended up getting two pumpking butter (basically body butters), two emulsions and two sugar scrubs. All at 2 oz, the sample size that is available. 

Everything was wrapped as if they were little bon-bons (treats, candies) and it was so cute. Just like opening presents at christmas, one by one. 

All items are sealed upon receipt. 

This is one of Haus of Gloi's soft bubbling scrub, said to exfoliate and foam up to a lovely lather. It also contains shea butter to moisturize after exfoliation. 

A sugar scrub, exactly what you expect the texture to be, quite like a thick paste. 

One of their vegan lipbalms, in peach milk. Texture is a nice balance between waxy and oily. Have you ever noticed that some balms are waxier and some are oilier than others? The preference among people is relative as well, some people prefer waxy lipbalms and some prefer oilier ones. 

Pumpkin Butter in Litchi Milk Tea.

You can purchase everything on the website for Haus of Gloi in many different scents.

What do you ladies think? I'll be doing reviews on the two types of scrubs in the near future. I'm already in love with the pumpkin butter, it's got a lovely silky texture and absorbs right into the skin without leaving a residue.

À Bientôt Mes Amours,
Kisti Belle


  1. Helloooo there!! :D Happy new year and I hope you had a great holiday! :)

    The pumpkin butter looks like fluffy butter! Does it hydrates well and is it thick? I hate body butters because most of them are thick and sticky but this one looks so fluffy and light!

    1. I've only tried it twice so far but it is lighter than most conventional body butter and it is NOT sticky! I'll be doing a review on it soon.

      Happy New Year to you too girlie! :)

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