MAC Mineralize Rich Lipstick Collection - Spring 2013


By now all beauty gurus are aware that lately MAC seems to release a new collection every month or so, they're never-ending. Now while I was pretty impressed with their just recently sold-out Archie Girls collection, I am incredibly excited for their new Mineralize Rich lipstick collection! 
This collection launches on March 7, 2013 with 12 lipstick shades at $22 USD or $26 CAD. So far, I believe this is a collection of lipsticks only - no lipliners, etc.

Shades for North America include: 

Style Surge - Neutral coral cream
Luxe Naturale - Light beige cream
Glamour Era - Mid-tone warm brown frost
Posh Tone - Soft warm nude cream
Lady At Play - Mid-tone cool tangerine
Lush Life - Deep cool plum
Dreaminess - Soft cool pink cream
Grande Dame - Mid-tone neutral rose cream
All Out Gorgeous - Deep warm red
Everyday Diva - True red cream
Elegant Accent - Mid-tone warm rose cream
Divine Choice - Mid-tone cool pink cream

Sneak Peak of the shades from MAC
Tangerine, Rose, Coral and Pinks have piqued my interest. Colours like those are ideal for spring/summer when something nice with a little spice is needed. 

What do you ladies think? Will you be trying out or purchasing any shades form this new collection?

À Bientôt Mes Amours,
Kisti Belle

KORRES Lip Butter/Body Butter Duo Set


Phewf! I don't know about you guys but we've had the quite the snowstorm this week in Montreal. 
I love being able to watch the snow and the wind from inside and under a cozy blanket all wrapped up with a cup of warm sweet tea. Walking outside? Not so much...
It's been difficult getting to and fro work with all the snow and built up traffic, luckily I only live about 10 minutes from work! :P 
About a month ago a friend gave me a present for Christmas, and, as she knows, I absolutely adore cosmetics she got me the KORRES Lip and Body butter duo pack. You can get these packs from the Sephora stores. Alternatively, you can get either the lip butter or body butter at Sephora online

I got the Lip Butter in Pomegranate and the Body Butter in Guava. Some sweet scents for sure! 

The body butter is not too thick but still ultra moisturizing! 

I haven't had a chance to really test out the Pomegranate lip butter from KORRES, but I've heard good reviews and I'm really excited for it! This whole set was about moisture and it's absolutely perfect for winter. [Especially as a gift!]
I actually really like korres and their range of products - unfortunately they don't offer all of them on this side of the ocean! [I have found the whole range isn't here in Montreal] They originate from Athens (my home city!), Greece and the owners used to own a pharmacy, and studied homeopathic pharmacology. It's only practical they came up with a cosmetics line based on natural and homeopathic remedies!
You can learn more about KORRES history here. 

What do you guys think about KORRES product? Love, lukewarm or loathe?

À Bientôt Mes Amours,
Kisti Belle

February Ipsy Glambag


I have to say I was pretty disappointed in this months Glambag from Ipsy. Last February's Glambag was super cute with hearts and some great products. This February's Glambag was extremely underwhelming and I was disappointed. Maybe it was because I had high hopes since it's the Valentine month or maybe it was because I was quite pleased with January's bag. You win some you lose some, let's just hope that March's bag is much better. 

My one big dislike is the bag, it's just nothing special and it's not very big at all. Unfortunately, it wouldn't be big enough for a day to day touch up bag! 

A sample of Pixi's Flawless and Poreless. I have to say I haven't never had the "big pore" problem but I might give this a go and see if it changes anything. 

Black eyeliner pot from MICA cosmetics. I usually wear black eyeliner so I will definitely give this a try and review soon! 

 Coastal Scents Eyeshadow sample. Now if you've ever wanted to try this brand then I guess it's a good segway into their products. Coastal scents is more of a drugstore type brand that is a great starter for any make up lover before delving into more expensive products. 
This product, to me, seems a little ridiculous. It's a lash card - an eyelash card. You use it behind your eyelashes as you apply mascara. I'm just not convinced by this product, I will give it a try but I don't think I'd use any extra make-up application time to add this to my routine. 

Detail - Instructions. 

Pop beauty black mascara sample. This I will definitely try but I am faithful to the mascaras that I really enjoy and they are tough to beat. It doesn't hurt to have a small sample here and there for touch up though! 

Detail - Mascara brush. 

So what do you think of this months Ipsy Glambag? 
Did you enjoy your bag? Are you ladies subscribed to any of these monthly beauty sample bags?

À Bientôt Mes Amours,
Kisti Belle

Mid-February Non-Beauty Favourites


This past weekend has just been beautiful here in Montreal. Sunny weather that warmed up the bitter bone-chilling cold that hits us every winter in Canada. It finally allowed me to run some much needed errands and the ability to enjoy a well-deserved afternoon stroll after a long arduous week at work. 
Today I wanted to share some non-beauty favourites and to integrate some more personality into my blog. I'm always shy to involve any small parts of my life but since cosmetics and skincare is such a passion of mine it seems silly to be shy about such things :P 

I finally got a new agenda this weekend! I've been needing one quite badly as I have been forgetting things lately and my phone is never a good source of a calendar. I much prefer to write things down and to be able to look at them without having to press on the appointment, as I do on my phone. Last year, I had a brown leather agenda and this year I wanted something more feminine and cute, so I chose this bright red piece. This one is from a Montreal designer - Pierre Belvedere, and he makes beautiful paper, journal and agenda pieces as well as other stationary products. This particular agenda retails for 30$ CAD but it was half off (since it's already Feb!) so I got it for 15$. 

Detail of the cover. 

This is a daily agenda, so I can plan each part of my day as I need to. I love the pages and the clean lines! 

Favourite cheese here in Quebec, 3 year aged cheddar from Reverie. 

My (fairly) new Michael Kors watch. I think this came out in the Spring of 2012 but I got it a few months ago. It super unusual but I love the grey silicone with the rose gold. You can purchase it on Shopbop

Burgundy Sam Edelman booties! I can't remember their name and I got them on super sale (try 70% off) from I do love Sam Edelman design and am so glad I bought these babies. They are cute but still comfortable tall wedges!

My super cute, super slim ring that I wear daily. You can't get this from anywhere it was a family heirloom passed down from my aunt. 

This card is my favourite card that I have ever received from anyone. My parents had sent me a Valentine day package and along with a cute red top, patterned leggings and a inspiration plaque was this wonderful card. Inside they tell me how proud they are of who I've become and there's just no greater feeling that hearing that from your parents <3

What are some of your non-beauty favourites? 

À Bientôt Mes Amours,
Kisti Belle 

Lush Haul! New Cleanser


Happy Valentine's Day!!

I still can't believe it's mid-February. How does this month move so quickly? 
I hope you ladies (and gents) have some fun V-day plans set up! 

As you already know, this weekend I decided to pamper myself with some purchases. I pampered myself with MAC Archie Girls lip products as well as a cleanser and mask from Lush.

 I purchased Let the Good Times Roll (cleanser) and BB Seaweed (mask). 
 BB Seaweed. I've purchased this one before, it's supposed to lightly moisturize and exfoliate as well as  brighten up the complexion! 

This is the Let the Good Times Roll cleanser. It is meant to lightly exfoliate and cleanse while still keeping the facial skin moisturize. This is great for the winter season when my skin is dry and can get a litte flaky, even though I have combination skin in the warmer months. 

I've only tried my cleanser a couple times so far but I'm starting to really enjoy it. The warm scent, the light exfoliate and the thorough yet gentle cleansing all work wonders for my winter-abused skin.

Have you ladies tried this cleanser? What are your favourite Lush products?
I just can't get enough!

 Bientôt Mes Amours,
Kisti Belle

MAC - Archie's Girls 2013


Is it really February already? And it's mid-February too! Where has 2013 already gone? I haven't even had the chance to go snowboarding or skiing yet! 
But I did recently get a chance to check out the Archie Girls collection, which just came out Thursday, February 7th and is already selling out! When I walked by my nearest MAC I couldn't resist walking away with nothing from this collection.
I used to ravenously read Archie comics in my youth and this collections tugs on some old buried and dusted heartstrings that have still managed to stay strung. 

I ended up getting one lipgloss and two lipsticks from the collection: Strawberry Malt, Girl Next Door and Betty Bright. 

Isn't my little puppy so cute? Always ready for Valentine's day with his beautiful red heart nose. 

Left to Right: Strawberry Malt (lipgloss), Girl Next Door (lipstick), Betty Bright (lipstick).

Closeup of Strawberry Malt, a gorgeous strawberry red. 

Closeup of Betty Bright, a stunningly bright coral to brighten up the cold, dark winter months.

Close up of Girl Next Door, a frosty lilac-pink. 

Swatches: Strawberry Malt, Girl Next Door and Betty Bright

Bare Lips

Girl Next Door 
Betty Bright
Strawberry Malt

All in all I'm glad I bought all three of these colours and could see myself getting a lot of use out of them. I was on the fence about Girl Next Door but the lilac compliments my olive skintone. It's out of the ordinary and well done for a frost lipstick.

What was your favourite from this bunch? Any lipsticks or products you snagged from this collection?

À Bientôt Mes Amours,
Kisti Belle