Lush Haul! New Cleanser


Happy Valentine's Day!!

I still can't believe it's mid-February. How does this month move so quickly? 
I hope you ladies (and gents) have some fun V-day plans set up! 

As you already know, this weekend I decided to pamper myself with some purchases. I pampered myself with MAC Archie Girls lip products as well as a cleanser and mask from Lush.

 I purchased Let the Good Times Roll (cleanser) and BB Seaweed (mask). 
 BB Seaweed. I've purchased this one before, it's supposed to lightly moisturize and exfoliate as well as  brighten up the complexion! 

This is the Let the Good Times Roll cleanser. It is meant to lightly exfoliate and cleanse while still keeping the facial skin moisturize. This is great for the winter season when my skin is dry and can get a litte flaky, even though I have combination skin in the warmer months. 

I've only tried my cleanser a couple times so far but I'm starting to really enjoy it. The warm scent, the light exfoliate and the thorough yet gentle cleansing all work wonders for my winter-abused skin.

Have you ladies tried this cleanser? What are your favourite Lush products?
I just can't get enough!

 Bientôt Mes Amours,
Kisti Belle

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