Mid-February Non-Beauty Favourites


This past weekend has just been beautiful here in Montreal. Sunny weather that warmed up the bitter bone-chilling cold that hits us every winter in Canada. It finally allowed me to run some much needed errands and the ability to enjoy a well-deserved afternoon stroll after a long arduous week at work. 
Today I wanted to share some non-beauty favourites and to integrate some more personality into my blog. I'm always shy to involve any small parts of my life but since cosmetics and skincare is such a passion of mine it seems silly to be shy about such things :P 

I finally got a new agenda this weekend! I've been needing one quite badly as I have been forgetting things lately and my phone is never a good source of a calendar. I much prefer to write things down and to be able to look at them without having to press on the appointment, as I do on my phone. Last year, I had a brown leather agenda and this year I wanted something more feminine and cute, so I chose this bright red piece. This one is from a Montreal designer - Pierre Belvedere, and he makes beautiful paper, journal and agenda pieces as well as other stationary products. This particular agenda retails for 30$ CAD but it was half off (since it's already Feb!) so I got it for 15$. 

Detail of the cover. 

This is a daily agenda, so I can plan each part of my day as I need to. I love the pages and the clean lines! 

Favourite cheese here in Quebec, 3 year aged cheddar from Reverie. 

My (fairly) new Michael Kors watch. I think this came out in the Spring of 2012 but I got it a few months ago. It super unusual but I love the grey silicone with the rose gold. You can purchase it on Shopbop

Burgundy Sam Edelman booties! I can't remember their name and I got them on super sale (try 70% off) from Shopbop.com. I do love Sam Edelman design and am so glad I bought these babies. They are cute but still comfortable tall wedges!

My super cute, super slim ring that I wear daily. You can't get this from anywhere it was a family heirloom passed down from my aunt. 

This card is my favourite card that I have ever received from anyone. My parents had sent me a Valentine day package and along with a cute red top, patterned leggings and a inspiration plaque was this wonderful card. Inside they tell me how proud they are of who I've become and there's just no greater feeling that hearing that from your parents <3

What are some of your non-beauty favourites? 

À Bientôt Mes Amours,
Kisti Belle 

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