A Prime Weekend Haul


The month of March has been such a crazy crazy month at work that it's really nice to have a four day weekend to relax! The chills of winter seem to be fading away while the warmth of spring is thawing out all of Montreal, including myself. I love spring and summer as it tends to bring out shorts, skirts, dresses, flirty outfits and some skin! I can't wait for my hair to get a little lighter, my skin to get a little darker and to rock some bright colours, both in my wardrobe and in my makeup!

I was able to shop during my long weekend and I acquired some really great things that I'm looking forward to trying and reviewing for you guys (and for me ;) )! I don't generally use primers since makeup and eyeshadow tends to stick to my face pretty well and I hate to clog my pores unnecessarily. Recently, I've really been on a mission to cover up my dark circles with makeup, along with getting my beauty sleep and drinking lots of water in order to minimize them. After trying a few new concealers at the store, one of the SA's advised me that using a hydrating under eye primer over top of my eye cream and under my concealer might really help. So I tried it in the store, at Ulta, and it absolutely seemed to make a difference after the initial application. There, I found a mini primer kit of three primer products from Smashbox, including the under eye primer I had tried and so I decided to purchase it. So far, I'm loving the under eye primer and I think it may have been my saving grace for my stubborn under eye circles! 

I ended up getting the Smashbox mini primers set: the photo finish foundation primer which is oil free (great for my combination and sometime blemish-prone skin!), the photo finish lid primer (this should be a good one), and the photo finish hydrating under eye primer (my favourite of the bunch and the one I'm most excited for!).

This little package cost me a whopping 16$, whereas the full size photo finish under eye primer costs 30$ for 10ml of the product. Then, to my surprise, my sister gets an extra sample of the under eye primer, another 5ml for free (being an amazing sister, she gives it to me :D) ! I got 10ml of the under eye primer plus the half sizes of the other two primers for the 16$! It was my lucky day and I'm so so excited for all this. 

All this for so little, so incredibly thrilled. 

 Do you ladies use primer? Which primer is your favourite so far? Have you ever tried Smashbox's Photo Finish Hydrating Under Eye primer? 

À Bientôt Mes Amours,
Kisti Belle

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