Winter SkinCare Products - Part Un


Skin-care is a pretty important component of my everyday routine, albeit every now and then I tend to cheat a little when "life" happens. I pay special attention to the needs of my skin from season to season with two starkly different routines in the summer and winter. Fall and spring are "inbetween" seasons for my skin and I use products as needed on a daily or weekly basis. 
Today I wanted to share the products that I use for my winter skincare routine, which focuses a lot on keeping my skin hydrated, refreshed and healthy with a nice glow.

From left to right: Let the Good Times Roll cleanser from Lush, Deep Clean Facial Cleanser from Neurtrogena, Clarins Eclat Moisturizer, Coal Face Cleanser from Lush, Ginzeng eye cram from Origins and Bioderma 

Coal Face!

These products are all I really need for the winter. I add a few masks here and there for good measure and to keep my skin balanced, but these are the things I use every day or every other day.
I will be making another post with my actual routine and why or how I use each product!
Stay tuned for part deux :)

What do you guys think of these skin-care products? What is your favourite product?

À Bientôt Mes Amours,
Kisti Belle


  1. I love Bioderma! This brand saved my skin during the coldest months! My skin was acting crazy and I had all these tiny itchy red bumps/patches on my chin that was very apparent to the point I had to go to the doctor. He said it was a allergic reaction or a bad irritation to something and we concluded that it was the cold weather + friction of my scarf on my face >_< I used Bioderma eau micellaire for sensitive skin to clean my face + cicabio cream and it healed in less than a week :) (of course I used the cream the doctor prescribed too but these helped a lot at speeding up the healing process) ;)

    1. Wow that's amazing! I love this stuff too, it didn't do wonders for my skin but it takes off makeup without making my skin feel too dry or oily and that's a huge bonus in my books! It's like a makeup remover and a toner in one, well done Bioderma! haha

  2. Great essentials dear! I cannot wait to live without my Bioderma anymore haha! It works absolute miracles!

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  3. I love reading about good beauty products! My favorite is Clinique "All About Eyes" Great post, lady!