Review: Lush's Cosmetic Warrior Mask


Ironic, as a cosmetics addict, that I'd be using a mask called "Cosmetic Warrior" but as you would have it, I am! I've used products with weirder names before (like Orgasm, Rage, or Topless&Barefoot - can you guess what each of these guys are?).

Today, I'm really going to review this item, since I've been able to really use it a few times. 
This mask is definitely a quick mask, after about 5-7 minutes I can feel it tightening and it's time to take it off! It smells amazing, like... amazing, almost as if I've put blueberry candy on my face - not too sweet and not too tart. 

Cosmetic Warrior Mask: "A cooling, calming, deep cleansing blueberry mask for sore and troubled skin."

Love the feel of it, it's almost like clay but not as thick. 

The Cosmetic Warrior mask on my skin. 

Texture: Like I've just stated, the texture is great: it's not too thick. It goes on the skin smoothly and a thin layer is all you need. There are small blueberry chunks but nothing daunting or too large that it would fall off, were you to walk around your house (I hate it when that happens).
Packaging: Lush masks all come in a pot with a screw top. I'm not sure if this is the most sanitary way of keeping a mask, I'd prefer a small squeeze-bottle with a wide hole (for any fruit chunks in the mask). But these are recyclable! 5 empty pots back to Lush earns you one free mask pot :) 
Product: On my skin, the product feels nice, but at first I was scared it would dry out my skin. I was happy when I took it off, that not only did it completely cleanse and calm down my skin, it really locked in the moisture. This is probably one of the only Lush masks where I really enjoyed the smell! It smells like delicious blueberry candy. It's easy to apply, but a little bit difficult to take off. One down side is that this mask only lasts 3 weeks, the expiration date is short so be sure to use this as per the expiration date! 
Long-term effects: I'm happy to report that my skin is calmer, and that I have fewer blemishes since applying this. I tend to get stress/hormonal blemishes on my chin but this has really helped me out. While moisturizing my skin just the right amount, for combination skin, it has helped clear my skin and brighten it as well. As my boss put it "you look so fresh faced today!", but I didn't share my secret with her ;)
Price: These guys are not so expensive, about 7$CAD each and you will get 4-5 uses from each pot. 

I'm giving it a 7/10, docking points for the quick expiration, the packaging and it could be a little more pleasant to apply! I would definitely repurchase this, the benefits it gives my skin are great. 

So far, this is my favourite Lush mask!

What do you ladies think? Do you have any favourite Lush masks?

À Bientôt Mes Amours,
Kisti Belle

A Beauty Affair


I want to start off this post by saying two things:
1. If you don't already know, then you will find out, that I have an obsession with all things Chanel (for the purposes of this blog- the cosmetics)
2. The past year (or couple years) the beauty industry has been really focused on creating products that benefit the skin instead of products that only try to hide skin imperfections. This, in my opinion, is revolutionizing skincare and beauty, by making it a more cohesive industry. This is really exciting to me, since it's exactly the kind of industry I want to be involved with. 

A few days ago, I went to a Beauty Gala, hosted by The Bay [A Canadian department store]. This wasn't really what you'd think of a Beauty Gala, it was just a period of time that the store held promotions with purchases. As in, with a purchase you could get a discount or free gifts, etc. My friend and I bought tickets and we got a small snack and a few dollars off one purchase. I don't think it was really worth getting a ticket (you didn't really need one), it was nice to pick a particular date where I knew I'd spoil myself with makeup. ;)

A couple of shots of the Bay stocked with an incredible amount of products! 

Now, for the good stuff, the spoils of the evening: 

I had really wanted to purchase one of Les Beiges ever since I tried it at the Chanel store last weekend. I haven't been able to really test it out yet, but when I do stay tuned for a full review. Les Beiges de Chanel is a permanent and long-awaited line. With that purchase, I also received a bunch of goodies: a mini Rouge Coco Lipstick in Mademoiselle (a pity since I already have the full size), a mini of the new Inimitable Mascara in Noir (black), a sample (5ml) of the Hydra Beauty Creme, and four little sample of the Rouge Coco lip products line. Amazing goodies if you ask me, I can't wait to try and see what I like.
I also stopped by Origins, since I'm near running out of my GinZing eye cream, and grabbed another. I was intending on purchasing the "Out of Trouble" mask but the SA informed me that since I only get a few pimples and don't have a lot of acne I should go with the Clear Improvement mask since it's deep cleansing for combination skin, like mine. I can't wait to try this out, I'm happy I finally have a mask that doesn't expire like my Lush masks! With those two items, I was gifted the "Ginger Rush" body lotion, an "intensely hydrating" lotion. I mean, can a gal have too much lotion? [oh yes she can, I definitely do, but more never hurts!]

Les Beige de Chanel, Belle Mine is #30. 

 Origins: Ginger Rush body lotion and Clear Improvement mask
Sample of Rouge Coco Lipstick Mademoiselle and my Origins GinZing eye cream. 

Sample of the Hydra Beauty Creme

Three sample of the Rouge Coco Shine lip products [top to bottom: Fiction, Saga and Monte Carlo] and one sample of the Rouge Coco Lipstick in Le Baiser

One sample of the Inimitable Mascara in Noir (black)

Every Belle Mine powder comes with the half moon brush that sits on a little plastic container on top of the powder

 Number 30, Les Beiges de Chanel

I just adore the packaging for Chanel, gorgeous and classic.

The beauty gala was a great time, and I cannot wait to try all the products I purchased. I definitely have been finding myself gravitating towards products that are more skin enhancing than skin covering lately, like the ever growing beauty trend, even though full coverage products still exist and are still being made. Honestly, I want youthful and healthy looking skin for as long as I can have it!

What do you ladies think upon this beauty trend? Have you been trying out "healthy glow" type products or any great skin-enhancing skincare products lately?

À Bientôt Mes Amours,
Kisti Belle

Swatchtime: A Chanel Pick-Me-Up (Rouge Coco Shine in 80 Suspense)


When a girl is having a bad day, she definitely deserve a new lippie. When that same girl is having a bad couple of weeks, she deserves a Chanel lippie.  [oh yes she does!]
I'd been eye-ing this new Rouge Coco Shine lipstick for about a week before I bought it. 
...So I'm not sure if I brought on the bad vibes just so I could justify buying it or if that lippie just ended up being the silver lining of it all, either way, jackpot!

Who needs happy pills with this new baby around town? Meet one of the newest and more pigmented additions to the Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Lipsticks, number 80 Suspense. The effect isn't captivating unless you say it in French: the sulty "s" and the carefree "pen"sound [pronounced pahn], ending again with a lovely sultry "s". The short bittersweet moment when the makeup artist was skillfully applying this onto my lips was heaven [fleeting heaven, but heaven nonetheless]. 
It was love at first sensation. 

Close-up of suspense, a bright fuchsia with finely milled pink and blue-purple shimmer.

Swatch of Suspense

Bare Lips

Lips with Suspense: it just warms up my skin! 

Love those Cs, can't get enough! 

This is totally a stand-out colour, I put it on and it's instantly a pop of colour on my lips. Colours like fuchsia tend to warm up my olive/yellow/golden complexion (I'm an NC30 for reference) so I knew right away that it would most likely suit me. These new Rouge Coco Shines have 30% more pigment than the previous ones and it definitely shows. As a lover of colour, with moisture, these are great! I was never really that impressed enough to spend money on the previous Rouge Coco Shines but this little one has totally changed my mind about the line as a whole! If they're all this beautiful, it's going to cause a lot of trouble for my wallet... 
The balm doesn't stay on my lips for too long, the moisture eventually fades after a couple hours and only the fuchsia stain is left on my lips. 
If you love pigmented balms then these are definitely something for your to splurge on! But, if you're more of a long-lasting lipstick lover, you won't be as satisfied with this line. 
I, for one, love all things lipstick and all things colour, so I cannot wait to rock this all summer!

À Bientôt Mes Amours,
Kisti Belle

My First Topbox: April 2013


Here's something that no girl would dare refuse: a monthly box full of beauty goodies. Honestly, is there anything better? Only in the land of the plentiful I tell you.

Recently, I dropped my Ipsy subscription and I signed up for Topbox. Topbox is a monthly deluxe beauty sample subscription for Canadian residents, as a subscriber I get about 4-5 deluxe samples per month for 15$ CAD/month with shipping included. There is a bit of a wait list to receive one of these but it's worth the wait. I received my first Topbox in the mail last week and I'm so excited to show it to you guys!

I received a KMS quick blow dry spray, a Michael Todd Exfoliant Scrub, an Elizabeth Arden mascara and two butter pomegranate and fig body lotions. 

I don't generally blow dry my hair, I let it air dry since blow drying tends to make it frizzy, but I would definitely try it when I get the chance. I am thrilled to try the exfoliating scrub, I've actually been thinking how I needed one before summer really hits [I think Topbox was reading my mind...crazy!]

Close-up of the KMS Free Shape Quick Blow Dry nozzle. 

Elizabeth Arden Mascara sample in black! Yay! 

Description from Elizabeth Arden for their mascara. 

Body cream from butter in pomegranate and fig. I actually had the chance to try this and it made my skin sooooo soft! I'm incredibly thankful that they included two of these. 

Close-up of the Topbox package design, pretty cool and recyclable :) 

With every monthly Topbox they include a notecard with a description of all the products, included where you can purchase the full-size products if you fall in love with any of them. 

My first impressions of Topbox are relatively impressed and excited; I cannot wait to discover what my next Topbox will include! 

What do you ladies think? Do you have a subscription to any monthly beauty boxes?

À Bientôt Mes Amours,
Kisti Belle

Swatchtime: MAC Ablaze Lipstick


I'm definitely going through a lipstick phase, I'm not sure why, but it's there. Anything bright and colourful goes when I'm looking at all those lipstick bullets. 

This particular lipstick is a super bright and very pigmented strawberry orange, meaning an orange with pink undertones and so it't not a true orange. I'm so excited to wear this for summer, it's pretty long-lasting and really shows up on even my medium-pigmented lips! 

I've worn this for one [girls] night out and even after a few drinks and some shots the colour remained on my lips, albeit it was more of a stain. Since the lipstick is a matte texture, it didn't make a difference to me whether or not it was freshly put on (since there is no glossy look) or a few hours (and drinks) later. You can always put a clear gloss on top (as many girls do) if you love the colour and want a glossier/ more satin finish. For reference I have NC30 skin, and it really complements my olive and yellow/golden tones without washing me out. Ablaze is part of the Fashion Sets collection from MAC and as far as I know I think it's limited edition, but if you ladies have other info, please comment below! 

What do you girls think of the colour? Have you tried any of the other products from Fashion Sets collection?

À Bientôt Mes Amours,
Kisti Belle

Videotime: Victoria's Secret gets ready for a hot Italian Summer


Yesterday, while browsing the Victoria's Secret website after finishing my blog post on my latest VS makeup item, I stumbled across this great makeup tutorial (short and sweet for those lacking in time and energy) done by a Victoria's Secret make-up artist on a VS Angel Erin Heatherton! 
The vid certainly features the company's newest summer products, the collection is called Dolce Vita, but what I love is the speedy makeup routine and the final look. The smouldering and smudged black really offsets the gentle nature of the lip colour and gloss. I find it beautiful for a summer night out when it's appropriate to pull off an "effortlessly sexy" sort of look, and the colour recommendations are a great start for those of you that are new to playing with colour.

I know I'll definitely be trying this out this summer! 

Let me know what you think, I always love hearing your thoughts! 

À Bientôt Mes Amours,
Kisti Belle

A Swatch of Victoria's Secret


There's one thing that I've known since high school: I absolutely love Victoria's Secret! I've been a fairly loyal customer since I was 17 ;)
I love the ranges in style, from absolutely ridiculous to comfortably simple and the themes to go with those, vivacious vixen and girl-next-door types. As women are quite multi-faceted, it's easy to relate to any of those scenarios of women.
So a few weeks ago, I was cat sitting for a friend of mine and as my friend came to pick up her wondrous and cuddly little creature, she gifted me a lovely palette from Victoria's Secret. Naturally, I was quite thrilled as the colours contained in this palette, plus its adorned packaging, were beautiful. (I mean honestly, who wouldn't be thrilled?)

Screen Siren Deluxe Eye Palette from Victoria's Secret

The palette's beautiful packaging, and the packaging itself... both so nice. Well done VS, well done!

 I found some rather nice colours inside, and exactly the ones I'd go for if I bought this myself! My friend knows my taste in colours well!

 From left to right: the matte black shade, the burgundy shade, the pink shade in the middle, light gold shade and the white-silver shade.

The colours seem to hold up well, I've only worn this palette a couple times but they show up well and cast a nice glow to my face. The black colour is the only one that worries me as it experiences a little fall-out and it's not quite as dark as I hoped! All in all I'm pleased with the first impressions, I'll definitely have to check out some more palettes from Victoria's Secret when I get the chance!
I wasn't able to find the VS Screen Siren deluxe eye palette online but there is a somewhat similar VS Eyeshadow Trio palette here.

Have you ladies ever tried any type of cosmetics from Victoria's Secret?

À Bientôt Mes Amours,
Kisti Belle

Strickingly Sweet Marches


Did you all have a beautiful weekend? Frankly I'm sad it's over, it's so nice to have a little bit of vacation time. But with the end of March, comes April, which I'm hoping will be more chill in terms of my crazy work weeks. Thankfully, I don't work crazy long hours (yet, but I'm sure shortly in my career it'll start...) but it does take a lot out of me to go in there and give it my all for 9 straight hours (sometimes with only a 20 minute break for lunch!). With all that said (oh my rambles), I wanted to share my favourite beauty items during the month of March!
MAC Studio Fix Powder in NC30, Revlon Whipped Foundation in 250 Medium Beige, Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks in Bronze, MAC Archie Girls Lipgloss in Strawberry Malt from the Veronica Collection, KORRES Body Butter in Guava and the Kabuki brush from Sonia Kashuk.
 Same order as above.

 Close-up of the Revlon Whipped Foundation.

Close-up of the MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation, I've hit pan finally and I will be needing some more in the near future... Luckily, these last quite a while. 

 Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks in Bronze, always gives me the nicest sunkissed glow during the darker, colder seasons!
Strawberry malt, such a beautiful strawberry red.

I haven't spoken too much about the kabuki brush or the body butter by KORRES. I know these are staples (talking about any brand here) in a girls beauty regime, but the kabuki brush is such a big help when I'm applying powder foundation, it buffs it in perfectly and make me look flawless! This can also be used for liquid but for I find it too big for that job, I'll need a smaller kabuki to fill that role but for the time being my stippling brush from MAC (the MAC brush 187) does a great job. The KORRES body butter is in a small size and it just great for moisturizing my hands. Oddly, when I apply body lotion to my body, my hands can still remain dry (don't ask me how because I sincerely do not know!) but this fixes that problem immediately and it's been a great relief to have on hand (pun intended).

What are your favourites this month? Any recommended products? I also love trying something new!

À Bientôt Mes Amours,
Kisti Belle