A Swatch of Victoria's Secret


There's one thing that I've known since high school: I absolutely love Victoria's Secret! I've been a fairly loyal customer since I was 17 ;)
I love the ranges in style, from absolutely ridiculous to comfortably simple and the themes to go with those, vivacious vixen and girl-next-door types. As women are quite multi-faceted, it's easy to relate to any of those scenarios of women.
So a few weeks ago, I was cat sitting for a friend of mine and as my friend came to pick up her wondrous and cuddly little creature, she gifted me a lovely palette from Victoria's Secret. Naturally, I was quite thrilled as the colours contained in this palette, plus its adorned packaging, were beautiful. (I mean honestly, who wouldn't be thrilled?)

Screen Siren Deluxe Eye Palette from Victoria's Secret

The palette's beautiful packaging, and the packaging itself... both so nice. Well done VS, well done!

 I found some rather nice colours inside, and exactly the ones I'd go for if I bought this myself! My friend knows my taste in colours well!

 From left to right: the matte black shade, the burgundy shade, the pink shade in the middle, light gold shade and the white-silver shade.

The colours seem to hold up well, I've only worn this palette a couple times but they show up well and cast a nice glow to my face. The black colour is the only one that worries me as it experiences a little fall-out and it's not quite as dark as I hoped! All in all I'm pleased with the first impressions, I'll definitely have to check out some more palettes from Victoria's Secret when I get the chance!
I wasn't able to find the VS Screen Siren deluxe eye palette online but there is a somewhat similar VS Eyeshadow Trio palette here.

Have you ladies ever tried any type of cosmetics from Victoria's Secret?

À Bientôt Mes Amours,
Kisti Belle

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