My First Topbox: April 2013


Here's something that no girl would dare refuse: a monthly box full of beauty goodies. Honestly, is there anything better? Only in the land of the plentiful I tell you.

Recently, I dropped my Ipsy subscription and I signed up for Topbox. Topbox is a monthly deluxe beauty sample subscription for Canadian residents, as a subscriber I get about 4-5 deluxe samples per month for 15$ CAD/month with shipping included. There is a bit of a wait list to receive one of these but it's worth the wait. I received my first Topbox in the mail last week and I'm so excited to show it to you guys!

I received a KMS quick blow dry spray, a Michael Todd Exfoliant Scrub, an Elizabeth Arden mascara and two butter pomegranate and fig body lotions. 

I don't generally blow dry my hair, I let it air dry since blow drying tends to make it frizzy, but I would definitely try it when I get the chance. I am thrilled to try the exfoliating scrub, I've actually been thinking how I needed one before summer really hits [I think Topbox was reading my mind...crazy!]

Close-up of the KMS Free Shape Quick Blow Dry nozzle. 

Elizabeth Arden Mascara sample in black! Yay! 

Description from Elizabeth Arden for their mascara. 

Body cream from butter in pomegranate and fig. I actually had the chance to try this and it made my skin sooooo soft! I'm incredibly thankful that they included two of these. 

Close-up of the Topbox package design, pretty cool and recyclable :) 

With every monthly Topbox they include a notecard with a description of all the products, included where you can purchase the full-size products if you fall in love with any of them. 

My first impressions of Topbox are relatively impressed and excited; I cannot wait to discover what my next Topbox will include! 

What do you ladies think? Do you have a subscription to any monthly beauty boxes?

À Bientôt Mes Amours,
Kisti Belle

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