Swatchtime: A Chanel Pick-Me-Up (Rouge Coco Shine in 80 Suspense)


When a girl is having a bad day, she definitely deserve a new lippie. When that same girl is having a bad couple of weeks, she deserves a Chanel lippie.  [oh yes she does!]
I'd been eye-ing this new Rouge Coco Shine lipstick for about a week before I bought it. 
...So I'm not sure if I brought on the bad vibes just so I could justify buying it or if that lippie just ended up being the silver lining of it all, either way, jackpot!

Who needs happy pills with this new baby around town? Meet one of the newest and more pigmented additions to the Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Lipsticks, number 80 Suspense. The effect isn't captivating unless you say it in French: the sulty "s" and the carefree "pen"sound [pronounced pahn], ending again with a lovely sultry "s". The short bittersweet moment when the makeup artist was skillfully applying this onto my lips was heaven [fleeting heaven, but heaven nonetheless]. 
It was love at first sensation. 

Close-up of suspense, a bright fuchsia with finely milled pink and blue-purple shimmer.

Swatch of Suspense

Bare Lips

Lips with Suspense: it just warms up my skin! 

Love those Cs, can't get enough! 

This is totally a stand-out colour, I put it on and it's instantly a pop of colour on my lips. Colours like fuchsia tend to warm up my olive/yellow/golden complexion (I'm an NC30 for reference) so I knew right away that it would most likely suit me. These new Rouge Coco Shines have 30% more pigment than the previous ones and it definitely shows. As a lover of colour, with moisture, these are great! I was never really that impressed enough to spend money on the previous Rouge Coco Shines but this little one has totally changed my mind about the line as a whole! If they're all this beautiful, it's going to cause a lot of trouble for my wallet... 
The balm doesn't stay on my lips for too long, the moisture eventually fades after a couple hours and only the fuchsia stain is left on my lips. 
If you love pigmented balms then these are definitely something for your to splurge on! But, if you're more of a long-lasting lipstick lover, you won't be as satisfied with this line. 
I, for one, love all things lipstick and all things colour, so I cannot wait to rock this all summer!

À Bientôt Mes Amours,
Kisti Belle

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