May TopBox Unveiling!


When I got home the other day, I was dog-tired. Like, if-I-sit-down-I-won't-get-up tired. Which is what happened... until I got an email that my Topbox package had been delivered! I literally jumped up and rushed down to my mailbox where my my cylindrical box of wonders awaited me. Got home, ripped open the package and what I found was surprising and exciting! 
Not a single skin-care item, instead I got four make-up items: one full size and three healthy-sized samples. 

My little beauty menu which outlines all the product sent.

The outer packing of the Topbox box is very sleek and chick, and can definitely be re-used (yay! Love me some good packaging).

Starting at the back row from left to right: A sample of SeeBy Chloe, full size of Cuccio Colour Nail Polish, sample size of Yaby eyeshadow in Jaded and a sample of Lise Watier liquid lipstick in Stylista.

Wand for Stylista lip product. 

Wand and colour of the Cuccio Colour Nail Polish

Close-up of Jaded by Yaby

Adorable sample perfume bottle of SeeBy Chloe.

All in all I'm pleased and surprised with the contents of this months box, both for the fact that it was exclusively a beauty box with no one single skincare item (quite the refreshing shock!). Since I don't stay from my Chance by Chanel perfume I'll most likely gift Mr. SeeBy Chloe or keep him as an adornment on my vanity (he really does smell good!). I like both the nail colour and lip colour and excited to try them both out this month. I'm not excited about the Yaby eyeshadow as I have received samples of these before and found that pigmentation was lacking in regards to other brands (and why would I purchase this brand when I can by something better for the same price, right?).

What do you ladies think of the contents of this box? Do you have any favourite monthly subscriptions?

À Bientôt Mes Amours,
Kisti Belle

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  1. Ahahaha, I just really loved the following sentence: "I'll most likely gift Mr. SeeBy Chloe or keep him as an adornment on my vanity " How cute you are!