NOTD: Sally Hansen Lustre Nail Polishes in Lava


I bought this colour SO long ago and it's literally been ages since I've had nail polish on my nails. Finally, I was just dying to see them painted, plain nails is just no fun :(
I decided that I wanted something fun to ease me into the warm weather. Although, in Montreal at this time, the cold weather left swiftly and the hot summer sun has flooded the city (no complaints here!). We do not have a "Spring" season, which is unfortunate, but I won't complain about the warm weather (but when it gets too hott...oof! humidity abound)

Lava is a duo-chrome nail polish, going from a pink-fuchsia to a lovely peachy orange. 

Here you can really see the duo-chromality of the nail polish, it's different at each angle! 

Lava in direct sunlight.

What do you ladies think? Personally, I wasn't instantly impressed with the colour, but after wearing it for a couple days I'm pretty impressed with the uniqueness and the femininity it brings! I'm not sure if I would purchase another duo-chrome, maybe one with equally beautiful colours. The other colour that I've seen have not impressed me. 

Have you found a duo-chrome nail polish that you're absolutely loving?

À Bientôt Mes Amours,
Kisti Belle


  1. I actually really like it! I think it's kind of "fallish" but I also think it would look really good with like a "Free People" type outfit. Pretty!

    1. Yeah I agree! I didn't think of it for Fall but you make an excellent point. Thanks :)