5 Perfect Polish Colours for Summer Toes


Ths summer is a time when everyone is groomed to the nines: hair colour, nail colour, toenail colour, tanned and/or golden bronzed skin are just among the features that women fuss over to achieve "perfection". While some of those features comes naturally, like highlights and your tanned skin, picking out a perfect toe-polish can be a little trickier. On one hand, you don't want your toes looking bruised or a weird blue/green colour but on the other hand you don't want a toe colour that's too nude/flesh-toned and boring. 
I rounded up 5 colours from my nail polish collection that I wear a lot throughout the summer on my toes.

From Left to Right: OPI in You Only Live Twice, Sation in Love at First Lavender, China Glaze in Riveting, Essie in Turquoise and Caicos, Essie in She's Pampered

Close up of OPI in You Only Live Twice and Sation in Love at First Lavender

Close up of China in Glaze Riveting and Essie in Turquoise and Caicos

Close up of Essie in She's Pampered

Toes can be so weird, but still groomed!

Basically, the colours by shade would be: a fuchsia red with gold glitters, a bright or neon lavender, a bright or neon orange, a light blue or turquoise, and a bright hot pink or hot fuchsia. Yellow nail colour is also super big this season, unfortunately I haven't been able to find a yellow nail polish that I love. Any suggestions?

I absolutely love anything colourful and bright for the summer. Bright colours look especially good next to tanned skin - where they tend to "pop" against tan skin. Neon nail colours are a big trend right now and anything super bright goes, so if you're afraid of being too bold - don't be! Summer 2013: The Bolder the Better, honestly. 

What nail colours do you ladies love for the sunny summer months?

À Bientôt Mes Amours,
Kisti Belle

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