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I'm having a lovely vacation currently in more week left and then I'm back at work. Although, this vacation is not without its beauty hauls, as small as they may be for now. I made one small haul in Athens at Payot since it's hard to find in the North Americas. One product that is a staple in my skincare stash and another new product that I thought would be worthwhile to try, after all they were have a 25% off promotion!

I got the Payot My Payot Mask which is a radiance and brightening mask for facial skin and the Pate Grise which is a clay based spot products for all kinds of pimples (especially the larger harder to get rid of red bumps). I also received a sample for the BB cream in light. 

Packaging for the two products. 

The new packaging for the Pate Grise is slightly different as the container is now clear glass instead of white glass. I really prefer the pot format and the fact that this is now a clear glass jar - I'm better able to judge what's left of the product as refills are needed. 

Each pot comes with a seal that can be put back to further protect the cleanliness of the product.

Texture of the clay-based Pate Grise spot corrector product from Payot.

I have been using Pate Grise for years now and this particular product was passed down from my mother who has also been using it for years. I love this product and it really helps get rid of very difficult large red pimples while allowing other pimples to come to a head. I do find that my fast scars less after small acne spots.
I'm excited to try the mask but since radiance and brightening masks are so subjective and vary between skintypes I'm skeptical about this one. The "My Payot" line is a way for Payot to gather a younger clientele. The "My Payot Mask" is suitable for all skintypes and packed chock-full of anti-oxidant rich ingredients. 

Have you ladies every tried Payot products? Have you ever tried the Pate Grise product?

À Bientôt Mes Amours,
Kisti Belle

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