The Precious Past


I love vintage.
This, to most people, does not come as a shock. However, this shocks me.
I've never been one to love a vintage item. I don't usually like the old-fashioned designs and have always marveles at the new and up-and-coming things. But lately, I've been finding treasures in all things past and vintage. Specifically, in my Grandma's closet! This summer, I went to visit her and other family in Athens, Greece. During my visit, my Grandma and I went though her (large) closet, and  it became obvious that she was one chic chick back in her day! Needless to say, I stole (with permission of course) a few items from her wardrobe that she no longer uses, and I am so excited to sport these delicacies around the city.

I also stole some vintage sunglasses from my father's collection, which he wore back in his Concordia University days. These sunnies look badass when they're on on... and I plan on pairing them with the perfect leather jacket.

Are you loving vintage items as much as I am lately?

À Bientôt Mes Amours,
Kisti Belle

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