5 Amazingly Creative Halloween Nail Designs | Indecent Xposure


For personal reasons, I haven't been a fan of Halloween in the recent years. Despite that, I still can't escape the immense creativity that goes on during the season. Every year, I'm continuously surprised and inspired by all the ideas and pairings of costumes: ie. Koala bear and tree (a pairing, too cute), Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke (despise their little "performance" but the costumes were funny), etc.
This year I was browsing nail art photos, and since the popularity of 3D nails and nail designs has grown int he past few years, there were so many awe-inspiring nail designs for Halloween 2013. 
Therefore, for Indecent Exposure, I compiled 5 Halloween nail designs that truly inspired me this halloween, and even warmed me up to the idea of the costume and ghoul filled holiday. 

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What are you favourite halloween nails this year? Have you come up with any designs?

À Bientôt Mes Amours,
Kisti Belle