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Eeee! My goldie nails. 

1. Gold: This just screams obvious New Years polish to me. However, it's also a pretty amazing neutral - a metallic neutral that stands out and always hits the light. I'm wearing Glitzerland by OPI inthe above shot!

2. Red: This colour should be part of your holiday wardrobe, enough said! ;) Everyone should have a great red polish that suits them.

3. Glitter: Many of you may have an aversion to glitter, since it's a very 90's and #whenIwasalittlegirl trend. But in all honesty, glitter polish can be a fun and cute thing to sport. Layer any glitter over a neutral polish and you'll get a chic look, layer it over a bright and colourful polish and you're ready for the holidays! A popular glitter polish is Deborah Lipmann's Boom Boom Pow.

4. A Vampy Colour: This is really relative, but a vampy colour is a deep almost-black burgundy, navy, purple, brown etc that stands out against your skin. It can have some subtle shimmer or it could only be a wash a colour. My two favourites are OPI's Lincoln Park after Dark (a classic) and OPI Black Cherry Chutney.

5. Easy Mistletoe Mani: There's a creative side in all of us, and I also believe that we're all a little intrigued by the super decorated manis that are so prominent on pinterest and instagram. The easy mistletoe mani is a very easy way to bring some creativity onto your nails - in a very time efficient manner. Just paint your nails the colour of your choice and add three little dots to the side of your nail - makes it look a little bit like mistletoe, no? ;)

What is your favourite nail to wear during the holiday season?

À Bientôt Mes Amours,
Kisti Belle

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