Boscia Little Black Book Set | First Impressions


Swatch of he Revitalizing Black Hydration Gel by Boscia

I recieved this delightful little black book as a gift on my birthday at the end of October. I have never tried any Boscia products and am currently very into skincare, so this was right up my alley.

The Boscia Little Black Book set comes with four minis currently in their "Black" collection: Luminizing Black Mask, Detoxifying Black Cleanser, Revitalizing Black Hydration Gel and the No Pores No Shine T-Zone Treatment. I have tried 3 of these products, the remaining one being the No Pores No Shine T-Zone Treatment, only because it's colder and dryer and I don't have a need to use oil-controlling products during these months. However, this type of product would come in real handy during the warmer and more humid summer months, and I definitely plan on using it then!
The Luminizing Black Mask is a black peel-off mask and it's stings as you take it off - since it pulls on the skin, but it leaves my skin looking radiant and vey smooth. A little pain for beauty.
The Revitalizing Black Hydration Gel is a very light gel that is supposed to gently hydrate the skin - as it's name suggests. It comes out as a light charcoal gel and blend into the skin smoothly. It's nice and light, but during these drier months I need a more heavy duty moisturizer. Right now, it doesn't work for my skin and so I will have to leave this product for the hotter more humid months as well! Although, I do think that this would be a great moisturizer for oilier skin types - since it very lightly hydrates. [see above for the swatch!]
The Detoxifying Black Cleanser is my favourite, and will most likely be a favourite for some time to come! It comes out as a very viscous liquid cleanser, completely black in colour. With a touch of water, it lathers very easily into a lighter grey colour - smooth texture. The best part about this cleanser? It warms up as you lather, absolutely perfect for early winter morning. It doesn't strip my face of all it's oils and so I don't get a super tight feeling face after the cleanse. The warming sensation doesn't get too hot either, it's just warm. Yum. I've been using this every morning, warms me right up. I know I'll be grabbing the full size soon.
Poor, poor wallet.

All of these products, including the Boscia Little Black Book are available through Boscia online, Sephora online and Sephora stores.

Have you ever tried any Boscia products, or any warming cleansers?

À Bientôt Mes Amours,

Kisti Belle


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