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Did I mention I love Christmas? I do. More than just all the holiday happiness and cheer, but all the beautiful palettes and sets that come out during this time. And yes, I've said that before, and if you know me personally, you may be sick of hearing/reading it.
But as I was walking in Sephora, I noticed some Urban Decay Sets - like Black Market and Ocho Loco 2. Originally, I went to grab Black Market - a set of black-based eyeliners from UD, but the I saw Ocho Loco 2 and the variety it offered. Me being me, I chose variety instead of the 5 similar black-based liners. I am still, very happy with my choice. 

Left to Right: Roach, Twice Baked, Crave and Perversion

Left to Right: Deep End, Mars, Ultraviolet and Tornado

24/7 Liner Swatches from Left to Right: Roach, Twice Baked, Crave, Perversion, Deep End, Mars, Ultraviolet and Tornado

It comes with the eight eyeliners, four limited edition and four permanent ones, plus a grindhouse (an eyeliner sharpener) for $68CAD. It's a steep price for a set, but each of the eyeliners is full size and each liner costs $23! This amounts to about a $200 value for $68 total - it hurts the wallet but it's a great value. I also never buy super colourful liners as much as I do shadows, so it's a great way to build a liner set and experiment. I'm also loving wearing these on their own with mascara; it gives me that daily pop of colour that I'm missing during these dreary cold months!

In the set, you receive a collection of browns, a black, blues-purples and an olive liner.
So far these eyeliners have amazing colour payoff and last for at least 8 hours - quite a while! I haven't tested their blending/smudging power however, I've heard from other beauty bloggers and beauty gurus that they're very easily blendable and can be used an shadow bases.
You can purchase Ocho Loco 2 at Sephora stores, online Sephora here, and any retailer that sells Urban Decay cosmetics.

I'm also intrigued to find out if Perversion will beat my MUFE Aqua Eyes eyeliner in Black, in terms of longevity, blendability, waterline colour payoff, etc. I'm currently loving the Aqua Eyes and right now it's my HG/favourite liner. 

What do you ladies think? Have you ever tried any of the Urban Decay 24/7 liners?

À Bientôt Mes Amours,
Kisti Belle


  1. Can You imagine we don`t have Urban Decay in Slovenia (small country in Europe)? I tried this pencils once in Italy and I fell in love with the purple one. I swatched it on my hand and it didn`t moved for a day!

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    2. Really? Does UD deliver to slovenia? I hope so, it's such a good company and they make amazing eye makeup!