Julep Rochelle and Sharma | NOTD


I recently received my Julep monthly Maven box in It Girl and I was so so pleased with the colours for December! I love nail polish, and admittedly I have way too much, but I loved the silver, purple gem-tone and the fine gold-glitter polishes that came this month.

 Sharna (Gold Glitter) and Rochelle (Royal Purple Satin)

Colourpop Super Shock Shadows | Review & Swatches: Holiday and Permanent Collections


I recently heard about the Colourpop Super Shock Shadows through various youtubers and decided to take the plunge and order some earlier this month. I ended up purchasing one holiday set and a few shadows that are part of the permanent collection. 

From Top to Bottom, Left to Right: Roulette, Hot Totty, La-La, Glitterati, Hustle, Get Lucky and I Heart This

Merry Christmas and Exciting Updates!


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone! I had some exciting new updates that I wanted to share with you.

Weekly Wishlist and Loves #29


I recently have been hearing quite a bit about Charlotte Tilbury and her brand is getting a lot of rave reviews quite a while after her launch. I became very inspired to try some of her line went I saw some of her products on KathleenLights youtube channel. KathleenLights is quickly becoming one of my favourite youtubers - but more on that later. 

Bite Beauty Matte Creme Lip Crayon | Swatches and First Impressions


I'm a self-proclaimed lipstick hoarder. So it came as no surprise when I had the craziest urge to get my hands on the Matte Creme Lip Crayons from Bite Beauty.

What Would You Like?


I'm back! I miss you, make-up, skincare and beauty - and most of all - my lovely beauty bloggers! 

Cold Weather Must-Haves


We skincare lovers have certain products that we're obsessed with during the colder months. This could range from lovely luxury products to actual necessities, or just a great combination or both! I've compiled my little list of cold weather must-haves - a short tactful list of necessities to get started!

Weekly Wishlist and Loves #27


For some reason, I'm all about the facial masks this week. I'm really in the mood to pamper my face as the weather becomes colder and dry-er. Peter Thomas Roth and Korres have some great skincare products that have been on my personal list for quite some time now... 

Weekly Wishlist and Loves #26


Another weekly wishlist, this time featuring Urban Decay's Vice Palette and Hourglass' Blush Palette.

NOTD | Mary-Lee and Rosie Lee


I recently received the coveted Mary-Lee from Julep in one of my Julep monthly maven boxes. I was eager to try it, and giving in to the holiday spirit, I wanted to add a little bit of sparkle to my mani a la Butter London Rosie Lee.


Weekly Wishlist and Loves #25


During Halloween, I had the chance to experiment with applying regular black lashes, and even trying to apply them on a friend! Ever since then, I just love that lashed look and have even been gathering tips and tricks on how to apply them. So expect a tutorial full of those tricks very soon! 

Real Review #19 | Julep Freedom Polymer Top Coat


Lately I've had more time to do my nails and try out different colours for the colder months. However, that means I've also had a chance to test the Julep Freedom Polymer Top Coat, which I had high hopes for.


Weekly Wishlist and Loves #24


If you're familiar with me so far, you'll know I'm subconsciously addicted to lip colours... 

My Top 5 Fall Lipcolours | 2014


Left to Right: La Sensuelle, Rivoli, Violet, Love Goddess and Bellissima
There are two things that I love most about the Fall Season: makeup and fashion. Specifically, I absolutely love the vampy makeup trends that come with fall. If you know me personally, I'm usually in a shade of dark nail polish and rocking a dark or obscure lippie. I've collected and curated a few high end favourites - 5 favourite lipsticks for Fall, to be exact.

Real Review #18 | Boscia's Konjac Cleansing Sponge with Bamboo Charcoal


Konjac sponges have grown in popularity in North America recently - helping all skin types. I, for one, definitely have combination skin and figured I might benefit from this gentle exfoliating sponge. 

Real Review #17 | Julep Oxygen Nail Treatment


Ever since I've signed up for my Julep Monthly Maven box, I've been eager to try any new beauty product they launch. When I first signed up for the site, I was mega excited about the Julep Oxygen Nail Treatment as it is supposed to help with chipping and brittle nails.

NOTD | Julep Lissa Nail Polish


It's hard to let go of Summer: summer colours, summer sun, summer warmth and summer clothes... need I go on? So in my last efforts to keep summer alive, I thought I would finally paint my nails with Julep's very own Lissa - from the Summer Bombshell collection.

Weekly Wishlist and Loves #21


There are times when the week gets so crazy, I can't even think of what I want to buy myself. So with a little extra effort this week, I came up with another short list of beauty items that I'm perpetually craving - even when shopping is on the backburner.

1. Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara

First Impressions | Hand Chemistry Intense Youth Complex Hand Cream


I'll try anything when it comes to beauty and I feel like I've almost tried it all! So when the lovely staff at Hand Chemistry approached me to try their Intense Youth Complex Hand Cream, I was very intrigued. See, this is an anti-aging hand cream said to have to super hydrating abilities, however, I'm still in my 20s! Despite that, I'm currently loving this stuff.

Real Review #16 | Julep Beach Tonic Dry Body Oil


Ever since I purchased my first ever Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse (avec Or even!), I've been in love with dry body oils. They are so effective: deeply moisturizing without leaving a greasy film and they just sink right into the skin. I was excited by the option to order and try a full size Dry Oil from Julep, the Julep Beach Tonic Dry Body Oil, instead of nail polish for a month in the Summer time.

Weekly Wishlist and Loves #20


1. Urban Decay Shadow Box
I've been lusting after this ever since I saw it on Youtube, and since then it's been popping up everywhere. I love that there are neutral basics with pops of colour - you can either create a neutral look or spice it up with some colour. It's also small and compact, all these options put together make it a great to-go and travel kit.

Weekly Wishlist and Loves #19


Is it actually September? My eyes cannot believe it. Well that was fricken fast, I feel like the summer whooshed past me. However, I'm excited for Fall because it equals Fall fashion, Fall makeup, Fall colours, Fall [pumpkin] lattees, Fall [cooler, less humid] weather, Fall [MY] birthdays... I could go on and on. In the spirit of cooler weather and the season's transition, I'm very much craving some all over body skincare products.

Weekly Wishlist and Loves #17


Fall is coming, and even tho I'm partial to the cooler weather, the one I know for sure is that Fall brings some of the best that beauty and fashion has to offer. So, am I excited for Fall? Yes! Will I miss Summer? Absolutely!
In an effort to tame these very seasonally confusing feelings, I've compiled - yet another - weekly wishlist of lust-worthy items...
picture source

The Kylie Jenner Lip | Swatchtime


Secretly, I think we're all loving the Kylie Jenner Lip trend. I know I am, so I set out to research and find her signature lip combo...

Weekly Wishlist and Loves #15


Just two items on this week's wishlist, one is more a of necessity - especially with dark fall lip colours coming around the corner - while the other is a definite indulgence.

Weekly Wishlist and Loves #14


Just so we're clear, isn't a heatwave supposed to be singular? These surprise mini humid heat-waves that happy every other week are quite irritating. Why the extremities, Mother Nature? 
Amidst the heat extremes, my skin has been going a little crazy and I've been finding blemishes in places that they seldom appear! (ie. the lower sides of each cheek whereas they're normally located along my chin). I've always pressed the issue that skincare is extremely important, but even more so during times when you can't control your environment. For my skin during these humid heat-waves, a regular routine doesn't work and so I tend to mix it up frequently with different cleansers, masks and splashing water on my face whenever I can [more on this in a different post coming soon!]. To that effect, here are a couple of super high end skincare products I'm totally lusting after. I've heard they can basically perform miracles, wouldn't that be helpful during this time of year?

Weekly Wishlist and Loves #13


Is it just me, or are the summer months going by a lot faster than the winter ones? With the warmer weather, I'm able to go out and about - which sometime means more roaming of the beauty counters! Here are my latest cravings from my latest beauty adventures...

Weekly Wishlist and Loves #12


Time flies when you're having fun, especially this summer. I've been get super fit for my Tough Mudder course this Saturday and I've also been able to spend some time in the sun with friends. 
And, of course, going on trips to see the new beauty summer collections at Sephora, MAC, Chanel etc etc. I just can't resist bronzed skin and pops of colour, hello summer! 

First Impression | TopBox June 2014 Unboxing


First, I should apologize for being so MIA last week, it was a blur of responsibilities and traveling and I wasn't able to quite cut it with the blogging duties. But, I was excited and very impressed by the June Topbox that I received last month.